6 Interesting Facts about Surveillance Cameras

CCTV Camera
The use of security cameras has become quite common these days. They are present in a majority of residential and commercial buildings for security purpose. They only allow authorized people to monitor the activities going on in the building premises in real time. Almost everyone knows about the security benefits it provides, but how many of us know about the major developmental phases it has gone through! Let’s have a look at certain lesser known facts.

1. Early Development:

Considering the modern technology used in CCTV cameras, it is a prevalent myth that they were invented recently. However, the surveillance cameras have been in use since 1942. The purpose of initial security camera was to monitor the launching process of V2 rocket as people could not get too close to it. Their use for public monitoring began in 1962, when they were installed in Olean, New York. Later, the Banking sector adopted the technology.

2. Efficacy:

Many homeowners think that their houses have become completely safe from burglars just because they have installed a CCTV camera. However, the facts explain that surveillance cameras get able to solve no more than 3% of all criminal cases. In order to enhance their efficacy, you have to install additional security equipment. On an estimate, only 9% of households have security cameras. Either they rely on other security measures or avoid it completely.

3. Traffic Control:

Apart from security purpose, CCTV cameras are also used for traffic monitoring. Traffic authorities install covert security cameras to monitor traffic conditions. They also use advanced systems to identify the speed of vehicles. As soon as any vehicle exceeds the speed limit, they capture its image and send an over-speeding ticket. Private GPS companies also use them to keep track of vehicles of their clients to control theft.

4. Privacy Concerns:

Many people use CCTV cameras for security of buildings, but there are certain laws that restrict their use. These laws ensure that you do not breach privacy of any individual. Make sure that you are aware of these laws to steer clear of legal actions. You cannot use them in public restrooms and dressing rooms. Moreover, governments forbid recording the neighbors’ houses.

5. Remote Monitoring:

It is a misconception that the only purpose of security enhancement is to enhance security. However, you can install them within your house or office to monitor your children and employees respectively. It is a known fact that employees tend to work harder when they are aware that their seniors are keeping an eye on their activities. Similarly, you can ensure that your children stay safe and do not indulge into negative activities with the help of security cameras.

6. Unauthorised Use:

Burglars use covert security cameras for their own benefit. They install them near ATM machines present in unsafe environment. The cameras record PIN code and other personal information of user. Once criminals get this information, they use the card for shopping. However, it is the card owner who has to bear the loss as payments are made from their account.

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