Alarm Maintenance – Keeping Your Alarm in Good Shape

Your security alarm is an important tool for protecting your home, and not something that should be treated lightly. Like all electronics, alarm systems can fail if they’re not cared for properly. When you perform regular alarm maintenance, however, you’ll be able to prevent many of the pitfalls that can happen to systems that are poorly cared for. If you have an alarm system in your home and never even think to schedule maintenance for it, now’s the time to get in gear and start providing it with proper care. There are many important steps to take to keep your system functioning properly.

One of the easiest parts of good alarm maintenance is simply checking the system yourself from time to time. It’s a good idea to test your alarm system about once a month. You can do this easily by tripping the system yourself in various zones to make sure that the alarm reacts properly. Be prepared to turn the alarm off quickly once it’s been tripped. This helps you practice both reacting to the alarm, and resetting it in case of a false alarm. Try tripping the alarm along the perimeter of each zone so you can accurately determine just how far each part of the system will reach.

To have the full system properly serviced, you should hire the services of a professional alarm maintenance company that is experienced in working with your type of system. The maintenance technician can perform many different tasks including:

  • Checking the cables for signs of damage or wear
  • Ensuring cable connections are secure
  • Tightening terminals
  • Checking for corrosion throughout the system
  • Inspecting conduits for proper support

If you’re experienced with electrical equipment, you may know how to do some of these things yourself. However, unless you’re a qualified installer yourself, you shouldn’t attempt any major maintenance jobs with your alarm system.

The specific alarm maintenance that’s needed for each system will vary. When you have the system installed, it’s a good idea to ask about the various maintenance tasks that you’ll need to perform. With some systems, all maintenance needs to be done by a professional, while others allow for more at-home testing and inspections. Mark your calendar for the dates when you will need additional maintenance. You may even want to mark the calendar a week or two before your planned maintenance date so you can call the appropriate company to schedule an appointment. Don’t neglect regular care for your alarm system.

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