Why an Alarm Receiving Centre Can Help Your Home or Business

Home owners and business owners are unable to watch their business or home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. People who wish to have a set of eyes on their business or home when they aren’t around might want to consider employing the help of an alarm receiving centre to help watch the premises when no one is around.

What is an Alarm Receiving Centre?

This place is a central location that employs multiple people to watch a variety of intruder alarm systems and other monitoring devices for any indication that there is an intruder on the premises. These employees serve almost as a home owner or business owner’s eyes when they are not around.

An alarm receiving centre is able to monitor all intruder alarm systems, CCTV systems or other monitoring devices 24 hours a day, which means there will never be a moment when the business or home is not being monitored for intruders. If an intruder should be noticed on the premises the centre will immediately send police to the location and notify the home or business owner.

What Type of Devices Does an Alarm Receiving Centre Monitor?

There are several different types of intruder alert systems and monitoring devices that can be used with an alarm receiving centre. The type of intruder alert system and monitoring device that you use will vary depending upon your budget and your needs, but they all provide a level of protection against intruders when you are not able to be on the premises.

The first type of monitoring device system is a CCTV monitoring system. This system provides a video camera on location. The camera will record the location and broadcast it to the alarm receiving centre where they will watch for intruders and any other sign of problems. CCTV monitoring devices are fairly common as they are able to record the intruder on the premises which allows business and home owners to keep records for insurance or legal purposes.

The second type of monitoring device system is one that uses sound to monitor the location. A sound monitoring system will place several microphones around the home or business. If the microphone picks up any indication that an intruder is on premises it will alert the alarm receiving centre. The receiving centre will do a double check to see if an intruder is on the premises and notify both the home owner or business owner and the police.

How an Alarm Receiving Centre Prevents False Alarms

The biggest advantage of an alarm receiving centre is having peace of mind that the area is protected against intruders. However, there is another advantage – preventing false alarms. The Police authorities are trying to cut back on the number of false alarms intruder alarm systems generate. Employing an alarm monitoring centre to monitor your CCTV systems and intruder alarm systems can help prevent false alarms, because instead of alerting police right away acts as  third party checks to guarantee that an intruder really is on the premises.

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