Door Entry Systems: Secure Home or Business with a Video Entry

Home and business security has been something everyone is concerned with since the dawn of mankind. From the time of caves and sod houses to more present day log cabins and such, men and women have been concerned with protecting their families and homes from others who would steal or cause harm. Fortunately, the world has evolved over the years and centuries and we no longer have to rely on standing guard with a weapon at hand to protect our families and homes from intruders. Companies and businesses are no exception, they need protection as well. Door entry systems are one of the many ways companies choose to protect their assets and employees in this day and age.

Door entry systems are a common method of company security in many organisations throughout the world. Some people choose this type of security system for their homes, but typically they are a corporate system. There are various types of door entry systems available to choose from.


Audio – an intercom is set up and connected to a push button alert or even sometimes a motion sensor mounted at the door or both options can be in place. The person manning the indoor handset will answer the call that there is someone at the door via the intercom and push a button to open the door if so desired.

Visual – a camera is set up at the door that is motion/action detected or push button activated or both. When the person inside can see who is asking entrance, they can choose to allow them inside or not.

Audio and Visual – this type of door entry system is more likely than either of the above alone. It is done the same way, with an activation system that is authorized or declined by the person inside the building. These types of door entry systems have become common for schools, churches and workplaces everywhere in recent years.

Swipe card – swipe cards are issued to those who are authorized to enter the building and they must have them to get inside. The benefits of this are that the swipe card can be deactivated if it is lost or the authorisation is rescinded for some reason.

Door entry systems are found in some form at most companies and organisations these days. Lately, more churches and schools have been installing such to cut down on the number of wandering persons.


Video Entry Systems – A Useful Security Tool

Video entry systems are the ideal choice for front door security in a home or business because it enables you to see and talk to who is at the door before opening it. This type of security system is a must in today’s age when home theft and burglary are becoming more common. They can generally be interfaced with a security system already in place in your home or used as a standalone method of protection. A video security system allows the home owner to see who is at their doorstep without having to open the door, which provides an extra level of protection.

Video entry systems have a variety of benefits. It can be used to screen salespeople or other strangers who approach the door. Home owners can use the video feature to ask for identification or credentials without even opening the door. These systems scan also be used to avoid bothersome or unwanted guests. They are also very useful for elderly home owners or children who are home alone and do not feel comfortable opening the door to a stranger.

When installing video entry system in your home, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, to avoid overheating, make sure you mount the camera in a shaded area so that it is protected from heat and direct sunlight. Because the purpose of the camera is to get a clear view of who is standing at your door, make sure that there is adequate lighting at the entry of your home. If the natural lighting or already existing fixtures are too dim, take the time to either move the camera or add an additional light. Also, be careful when hooking up the electrical components of this system. Follow all of the directions carefully and make sure that the wiring is properly grounded to prevent short circuits or overloads. Finally, mount the camera properly in an area with plenty of support so that it does not fall and cause damage to the camera, lens or your property. The appropriate weather protection should also be used to protect the camera from rain, snow and other inclement weather.

Video entry systems are a great way to provide an extra level of protection to a home. In addition to allowing family members to see who is at the door before opening it, it will also help to deter burglars. Door entry systems should be considered an important part of any home security and are available for installation at competitive prices at Eagle Security Solutions.

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