Best Kinds of Security Cameras for Outdoor Coverage

While security inside the house is crucial, it is the first outer layer of defence that should be the strongest and most efficient. As long as the security measures and cameras fitted outside your home, in the parking lots, gardens and front porch are tough, no one can cross your doorstep without your knowledge.
There are a variety of cameras available for active surveillance but certain types are built in such a way that they provide best outdoor security and safest protection to the people in your house. Let’s have a look at the kinds of cameras that are most apt for outdoor coverage:


Dome Cameras:

In a room, a camera only needs to point in the direction of the entrance but outside, in a larger space with more than one entry the camera must be quick enough to keep an eye on all sides. Dome cameras are perfectly suitable for outdoor coverage for two reasons, for one they are speedy as they rotate in all directions and do not allow anyone to sneak past it and secondly, they are hidden inside a dome shaped glass and hidden from view so that even if someone is super speedy, they wouldn’t know in what direction the camera is pointed. Check out Honeywell, Hikvision and Videoteknika dome cameras, available at Eagle Security Solutions.


Covert Cameras:

Covert cameras are for the sneaky thieves. This type of camera is wireless and usually fitted in such a way that no one can sense its presence. They run on batteries and are very versatile. One of the most usual places of covert cameras is by the front door, where they might be found hidden beneath a floodlight, inside the smoke detectors, inside a tree or a planter, either way they remain undetected and concealed, never letting the visitors know that they are being watched.


Infrared and Night Vision Cameras:

Most bandits begin their activities in the darkness of the night and learn to take full advantage of it. For houses where the vicinity is drowned in shadows, nothing works better than a night vision camera. They are fitted with infrared LED’s and can take photos and videos even in pitch black night.


Bullet Camera:

Bullet cameras are one of the most commonly shaped CCTV cameras and as it happens they also work nicely for outdoor surveillance. Most suited for placing by the front door where its streamlined shape focuses on the intruders face and lets them know that they are being watched and doesn’t allow anyone to sneak past without being noticed.


Motion Detection:

Motion detection cameras are probably the most resourceful ones when it comes to catching the intruders in action. Intruders may be able to avoid detection but with motion detection cameras they cannot hide their movement. They are also great because they only record when it is needed. If there is no movement inside the view of the camera then there is nothing for you to be alarmed about. However, if there is movement everything is recorded, so you don’t have to manually go through the footage to see when some activity occurred.


Also look for weather resistant, sound detecting, and Wi-Fi enabled cameras for they too work remarkably well when there are some intruders to catch. You can find all the above kinds of security cameras at Eagle Security Solutions, your one stop security systems supplier in London.

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