Different Types of Exterior Security Lighting

Lighting is an integral component of a home’s security protocol. They prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the premises and also provides brightness in areas which are otherwise considerably dark, especially during the night.


It goes without saying that burglars deliberately target residences which are not luminous. This means they are probably unoccupied, which makes them ideal for a break in to be staged. On the other hand, a well-lit home is less appealing to criminals.


To avert such scenarios, residents can configure various types of lights at their homes and offices. We will look at the prominent types below:


Motion Activated Exterior Lights

If home owners are seeking an exterior light that serves the purpose of safeguarding their property and is cost effective as well, then they should purchase a motion activated exterior security light. This type of light does not affect your utility bill significantly either.


Unlike other exterior lights which are switched on throughout the night and consume considerable energy in the process, motion activated lights, as the name implies, are only triggered when they detect movement in the area.


Typically, motion activated lights are placed at entry points, backyards and areas like the swimming pool as well. Furthermore, these should be a fixture in places where they are not exposed to environmental elements like rainfall, snowfall, and sunlight.


Solar Flood Lights

If residents are searching for environment friendly lights, they need not look further than solar flood lights. These exterior lights work in the same way as any other light with the notable exception of power supply.


As the name suggests, these lights acquire their energy supply from the heat of the sun, which it turns into solar energy and uses that energy to power its LED bulbs. No electrical outlet is needed when it comes to solar flood lights.


Therefore, if occupants of a house configure solar flood lights, they are able to lower their energy bills significantly as well. The vast majority of solar flood lights are independent units which do not require wiring.


Halogen Exterior Flood Lights

Halogen lights rank as one of the most common exterior security lights that you are bound to find in residential areas, as well as commercial buildings and industrial structures. Halogen exterior flood lights emit a potent light at the flick of a switch. Those who are looking to save on energy bills should note that these lights consume more energy than most other types.


Fluorescent Exterior Lights

Another model which is considered a conventional exterior security lighting are fluorescent flood lights. These are easily available at any general or hardware store. All that you need is a few fluorescent light bulbs, electrical wires, switch, an electrical socket and bulb sockets. Additionally, you can also use various lighting fixtures such as a dimmer and a timer to create your own home-made fluorescent exterior light.

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