Secure Your Premises With ESP GuardCam

PIR Security lightAre you looking to secure your home or business? Are you looking for a simple security tool that is easy to install and use? Are you looking to replace your complicated CCTV system or have a small property that does not warrant such as system? Try the new ESP GuardCam.


The ESP GuardCam is an all-in-one system that consists of PIR floodlight, camera, speaker and DVR system. It is a unique product. You will not find anything like this in the market today. When you have an intruder in your property, the system warns you with help of an audible sound. There are three different voice options including a dog sound which can be terrifying to the intruder as well. It can be powerful and intimidating during those tense moments.


The system also consists of a Secure Digital, or SD, card that can store images and other data from the ESP GuardCam, along with time and date controls. These features can provide important evidence in case of an eventuality and help the law enforcement agencies to get on the right path. The controls are sealed in a waterproof outer covering. The system can, therefore, withstand the severe weather and work for a long time.


The ESP GuardCam also comes with a low energy Grade C 230W lamp which provides 300 w of light. The system is sleek and has a neat design that will not undermine the appearance of your building, irrespective of the location. Another big advantage of the ESP GuardCam is the energy saving feature. It requires much less energy than a typical security or CCTV system. The light will still remain bright. The voice warning system will be loud. All the features will work perfectly well.


The digital camera has a high resolution. It can provide clear images during day and night. You can replay the images easily on a computer with basic Windows Media Player system. The PIR motion detector system is very sensitive. It comes with an integrated photocell and time control.


The ESP GuardCam is an efficient and compact system. It is highly cost effective as well in terms of the initial investment as well as subsequent energy bills. If you have a small house or business, this is a great system to secure the premises. It can be installed with ease. You will not be required to make any changes in your building. The security systems provider can come install the system within a few hours. The technicians can also explain the entire process before and after setting up the system.


Before you choose a security systems provider, make sure the company has been certified by the NSI. Your provider should come with a clear work order and complete the job efficiently within the stipulated time. The company should offer customer support and help you fix any problems that may occur immediately after the installation. They should also train you and give you the right guidance. When installed properly, the ESP GuardCam can last for years and protect your property from intruders.

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