How to Best Protect Your Outdoor Security Cameras

Installation of a top quality security system keeps your home safe and secure. It’s an effective way to deter intruders and monitor the outdoor space even when you’re away for vacations. If you notice any suspicious activity, you can immediately alert concerned authorities.

Common Questions about CCTV Cameras

While outdoor security cameras can protect your house, don’t forget that they also need protection. Bad weather can damage the cameras, whereas burglars can steal the expensive security system.

We have 5 useful tips for you that will help you keep outdoor security cameras safe from unexpected damages:

Get Weatherproof Casing

If you install your outdoor surveillance cameras without any protection, they won’t last long. Bad weather such as rainfall, snowfall or scorching sun rays will damage the system before you know it.

Most expensive cameras available today can withstand harsh weather, but you don’t want to take the risk. When you buy a security camera, don’t forget to purchase a weatherproof casing.

Lightning Protection

Lightning strikes can damage outdoor security systems. If you don’t want to lose the expensive devices, you should take appropriate actions to keep them out of harm’s way.

When installing a surveillance camera, make sure it’s grounded. For this purpose, you can use a 1 ½ inch copper strap.

Lightning strikes may also ruin the entire NVR or DVR system. You can reduce the risk of power surges with the help of power supply panels. These are effective lightning protection gadgets that lower the impact of lightning.

You should also consider installing a UPS so that you don’t end up losing videos due to lightning strikes.

Install Security Cameras at a Height

Outdoor security cameras are vulnerable to theft. If it’s within arm’s reach, intruders can easily damage or steal the system.

When installing the security camera, place it at a height. You can also opt for covert cameras that aren’t easily noticeable and can increase safety. A covert camera isn’t an alternative for an effective security system, but you can use it as a backup to outdoor surveillance cameras.

Regularly Clean Security Cameras

If videos or images from outdoor security cameras are blurred, then it’s likely that the lens has accumulated dirt and debris. You need to clean the camera lens on a regular basis to keep it in good shape.

Outdoor security cameras usually come with an infrared light. It attracts mosquitoes, insects, and bugs at night. If you ignore the maintenance of your CCTV camera, you may soon find it covered with spiderwebs. Not only does it block the view of the security camera, but may also trigger false alarms.

Prevent Fogging

Outdoor security cameras are usually sealed, which reduces the risk of fogging and condensation. After a rainfall, you may notice the lens fogging up. If it goes away on its own, there’s nothing to worry about. But if the problem persists, you should place a packet of silica gel inside the camera case.

Get in touch with Eagle Security Solutions for installation and maintenance of outdoor security cameras.

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