How IP Cameras Offer Improved Security

Internet Protocol (IP) cameras are one of the security devices that are utilised for the high-end security of homes and commercial buildings. IP cameras are highly developed close circuit television cameras (CCTV) that are not only great for surveillance but are also very effective in sending data and signals using an internet protocol with a fast Ethernet service.
Another defining feature of the IP cameras is their accessibility. Where a regular surveillance camera only shows footage on a computer screen in a particular room, an IP camera can allow the footage to be seen from anywhere in the world using any device as long as there is an internet connection available.
This and many other features of the IP cameras verify that they are indeed one of the best surveillance devices when it comes to improved security. Here are some of the most defining features of IP cameras:


Image Resolution:

Regular CCTV cameras fail to show high resolution because of its limitations and hence security is full of loopholes and restrictions. An IP camera, on the other hand, enjoys large range of resolution and high mega pixels; matter of fact the lowest range available in IP camera is 1.3 mega pixels which are still four times more than a regular CCTV camera. This bonus feature makes it easier for the security professionals to focus on faces, license plates and cover a larger area.


Regular Updates:

Once a CCTV camera is fitted and installed, its features and functions remain the same unless a new and revised version is again installed. An IP camera on the other hand gets updated and improved with new technology and new discoveries, adding more appeal to it.


Speedy Recording:

When something moves too fast across the lenses of a CCTV camera, it fails to keep up with it, and the end result is a blurry object moving across the screen and no head or tail can be made of it. An IP camera has a speedy recording with frame by frame capturing and crisp resolution so that no matter how fast an object is moving; IP camera catches it with precision.


Secure Transmissions:

No one can tamper with the data of an IP camera as it provides end-to-end encryption, making it very hard for anyone to breach it.


360 Degree View with Better Zoom:

An IP camera pivot up to 360 degree and enable us to see the view of a larger field whereas a CCTV camera fails to cover the similar view. Matter of fact, even the use of two CCTV cameras will fail to zoom or focus on a certain part without getting blurry and fuzzy. One IP camera is equal to four regular CCTV cameras and even then it covers a better field of view with high quality.


Better Intelligence:

A surveillance camera covers the activities and records footages of all activities but a baffling activity is still not caught unless someone watches the entire daylong video. An IP however camera enjoys the benefit of intelligence. There are various built-in features in IP cameras that allow them to analyse inputs and detect any mysterious event. It even reports it back by triggering an alarm or sending notifications.
If you are considering installing an IP camera in your home or office building, only trust professional CCTV installer to do the job because regardless of the effectiveness of an IP camera, if installation is done amateurishly, then it is of no use

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