• MCT-442 Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector

Visonic MCT-442 Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector


  • Description

    MCT-442 wireless Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector gives early warning of CO poisoning danger, preventing damage to vital organs and even death. As a fully supervised wireless detector, the MCT-442 transmits all alerts to the control panel, which instantly forwards the alert to a central station or private phone number. That enables a rapid and effective response to remove the CO poisoning danger, protecting children, the elderly and even pets, from an invisible and potentially deadly threat.
    High accuracy and reliability

    MCT-442 CO detector utilizes a sophisticated electrochemical sensor to provide linear output in proportion to CO gas concentration, which is the most accurate technology available for CO detection. The sensor’s flexible and miniature construction results in high resistance to shocks and vibrations.


    A sophisticated microprocessor receives data from a sensor, calculates the CO level and leak duration, and provides an alarm before dangerous CO levels are present. The detector has a five-year life and an expiration timer that notifies users when the detector should be replaced. As a battery-operated device, detection continues non-stop, even during power outages.
    The importance of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector

    Because CO is a colorless, odorless and tasteless, yet very toxic gas that is produced when household heating and cooking fuels are not fully burnt up, quick identification of a leak is vital. The MCT-442 provides highest reliability, in an attractive, easily installed wireless detector, making it the ideal solution for protecting family members from CO poisoning.


    Available in a variety of frequency bands, the MCT-442 has been granted the most demanding CO detection certifications in Europe.


    MCT-442 Features:

    • Fully wireless and supervised detector transmits alarm and functionality alerts to the PowerMax control panel, which notifies the user and/or the central station
    • Gives early warning of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning danger, providing visual and audial alarm indications when CO is detected
    • Loud built-in alarm buzzer (95db) and a large flashing LED alarm
    • Continuous auto-testing and manual testing
    • Five-year life, with end-of-life notification
    • Battery operated, ensuring continuous protection; low battery and sensor end of life indications
    • Easy wall or ceiling installation (with bracket), with no need for cabling work; simple battery replacement
    • Back tamper
    • Available in a variety of frequency bands, the MCT-442 has been granted the most demanding CO detection certifications in Europe.
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