• Risco Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector

Risco Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector


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    Wireless CO Detector

    The Wireless CO Detector detects and monitors the buildup of Carbon Monoxide (CO) in residential and commercial environments.


    CO is a highly dangerous poisonous gas and due to its colourless, odourless and tasteless properties can be hard to detect.


    An early detection of CO can therefore save life. The Wireless CO Detector will alert the control panel in the event of high CO which will immediately forward the alert to a CMS or private phone number, enabling a rapid response to the threat.


    • Integrated transmitter designed for use with RISCO Group’s wireless alarm systems
    • Loud alarm (85 dB) and signal to the panel when detecting build-up of CO
    • Test button and continuous self-testing function
    • Designed to meet the requirements of UL Standard 2034
    • Includes 2 long-life 3V lithium batteries
    • Fully wireless
    • Easy installation using mounting bracket
    • Compatible with RISCO systems: Agility™, WisDom, ProSYS™, LightSYS™ , Nova
    • Available in 868MHz and 433MHz
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