• Shock Detector SD-304 PG2

Shock Detector SD-304 PG2


  • Description

    Wireless, PowerG Shock Detector with Auxiliary Input

    The innovative SD-304 PG2 wireless shock detector provides perimeter protection for residential and commercial premises. It provides early warning of an attempted intrusion by sensing forced entry before a burglar actually enters the property. This potentially reduces the damage and losses to a property as a result of a break in and provides home and business owners with enhanced security. The SD-304 PG2 fits most windows and doors including those made from wood, metal and PVC. It can also be used on walls and roofs.

    The detector’s advanced digital processing uses a piezo shock sensor to precisely detect and analyze gross attacks or a series of low-level shocks while ignoring background vibrations, a major cause of false alarms. The SD-304 PG2 detector includes an optional Grade 3 magnetic contact and auxiliary input. As a three-in-one wireless detector, the SD-304 PG2 detector saves the cost and time of additional detectors while providing exceptional performance in varied applications.
    Features and Benefits:

    • Uses revolutionary PowerG wireless technology to deliver outstanding reliability, robustness and efficiency
    • Can be installed quickly in locations where cabling would be difficult and unsightly
    • Early detection of gross attacks or low-level shocks
    • High immunity to background vibrations which can cause false alarms
    • Protects windows, doors, walls and roofs against forced entry
    • Quick and easy installation using unique 7-segment shock meter and push  buttons
    • Ideal for a wide range of residential and commercial applications
    • Optional auxiliary input to connect wired detectors, push buttons or other detection devices
    • Prolonged battery life of up to 5 years (for typical use) with all sensors enabled
    • Compatible with PowerMaster systems
    • Available in white or brown
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