• GSM-350  GPRS

Visonic GSM-350 Module


  • Description
    GSM-350 / GSM-350 PG2 is a cellular communication module that connects PowerMax and PowerMaster intrusion alarm system to the alarm central station. The module can report via GPRS data channel and/or through the GSM network. This enables a high-speed and highly reliable communication channel in the event of line failure or tampering with the standard telephone lines.
    • Compatible with: PowerMaxPro, PowerMaxComplete and PowerMaxExpress
    • Supports GPRS, GSM and SMS – for high-speed and highly reliable reporting
    • Can be configured as a backup or primary reporting method
    • Full event reporting
    • Supports SIA/IP, SIA and Contact ID monitoring protocols
    • Two-way voice communication
    • Optional external antenna is available to enhance the GSM signal reception
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