Retail Security in London – 4 Critical Tips to Keep Your Store Safe

Retail security in London

Whether you run a massive superstore or have a small corner side shop, retail security in London is essential for all. The list of security threats is endless, from direct theft or break-ins; no store is safe.

Centre of Retail Research UK reported total crime costs of £4,821 million in 2019, with retail shrinkage amounting to 34.6% as a result of external theft. Be it fraud, shoplifting, or even employee theft – retail crime can diminish your profits and put employees as well as shoppers in great danger.

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To enhance the security protocols of your store, we have compiled a list of 5 top tips to keep your store safe and prevent any breaches.

1.    Monitored Alarms

During a break-in, time is of the essence. Since criminals plan out their theft to take the least amount of time possible, you must stay connected through a commercial alarm system. These devices can be integrated to form a system that detects any motion, opened doors, or broken windows after you close down the store.

When triggered, a loud alarm sound is released to ward off the intruders and alert any police cars patrolling nearby.

2.     Install Access Control

This advanced technology allows retailers to control who has access to certain areas of your store. By limiting the employees who can enter rooms where money, stock, or valuable documents are kept; you add an important layer of security to your store.

Access control systems assign employees their unique codes that need to be entered before entering. This allows you to monitor the time that your staff arrives, and what areas they visit – which can be particularly helpful in cases of internal theft.

3.    Video Surveillance

One of the most effective ways of ensuring retail security in London is through commercial CCTV, which records video surveillance round the clock.

Through CCTVs, retailers can easily monitor all areas inside and outside their stores and detect unusual activity immediately. These video cameras are the perfect way of monitoring activity, visual identification, and even keeping a record of everything happening around the store.

The best part is that the CCTVs act as theft deterrents since criminals mostly avoid stores that have them installed.

In the End

To ensure maximum safety for your London store, remember that vigilance and quick actions are essential. For proper installation of these systems, contact a security solutions expert today!

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