Risco Agility 3 Video Verification Wireless Security

Risco Agility 3
Risco is one of the most well known and trusted names in home security and has a long history of keeping your home, your family, and your personal belongings safe from a wide array of potential threats. These include fires, break ins, and other unexpected disturbances, which means that you can have peace of mind whenever you leave your home for an extended period of time.

The Risco Agility series of home security solutions earned its name from the sleek appearance of the units themselves as well as the ease in which they are used and the seamlessness with which they can be fit into your life. Agility wireless alarm products feature indoor as well as outdoor protection and pet detectors that reduce the inconvenience of having a dog or cat accidentally trip the system while you are away.

The new Risco Agility 3 provides two simultaneous 2-way wireless channels with separate antennas – one for alarm, control and diagnostic signals, a second for video image transmission. It also provides a new 2-way wireless slim LED keypad as well as an LCD keypad. The main feature that distinguishes Agiliy 3 above its older sister is Video Verification. The new Agility 3 supports wireless PIR detectors with integrated camera and users’ ability to receive video verification images via Risco’s Smartphone and Web applications.

Instant communication between you and those tasked with safeguarding your home is the key to maintaining the most reliable security network possible. The Agility series by Risco maximizes the potential for successful collaboration by emphasizing two way communications with wireless remotes, sensors, large, user friendly keypads, and automatic alerts that let both you and help know when there is a smoke, gas, or carbon monoxide leak before it can do devastating harm to you, your home, and your family.
For many elderly family members, maintaining independence in old age is one of their most treasured goals but it can become difficult in the face of certain hurdles. Many children want to take care of their parents when they reach old age, but do not necessarily want to remain in their childhood homes. Conversely, many aging adults do not want to leave the home that they have cared for throughout their lives in order to join their children in a home that they have no attachment and no investment in.

By installing and maintaining the newest model in the Risco Agility family, the Agility 3 wireless security system, you can rest easy at any distance from your elderly loved one knowing that they are being unobtrusively monitored by one of the most extensive security systems on the market. Large keypads and brightly lit screens give elderly users easy access and control over their system. Wireless emergency transmitters can be taken anywhere in the house and used to alert medical professionals to the home in the event of a fall, disorientation, or other catastrophic event. PIR camera allows you to see live image of your home via a Smartphone. Like all Agility models, the Agilty 3 is also equipped with a powerful backup battery in the event of loss of power or other power disruption, meaning that you and your loved ones are always protected.

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