Safe Constructions – Why Your London Construction Site Needs a Security System in 2020

Construction site security

Construction site security is one of the biggest concerns of building giants across the UK. With expensive machinery, equipment, and material laying around all day and night, these sites tend to be a big target for theft and vandalism. Another major issue faced on these sites is project management defaulters and liability problems.

Chartered Institute of Buildings UK conducted a survey in which it was found that over 21% of construction sites were hit weekly by theft. This causes firms to lose over a billion pounds annually; used in replacing stolen material and equipment while the project downtime brings further loss.

Hiring conventional security guards can be expensive and unreliable due to their limited ability to overlook the expansive construction area. A better solution is to install highly effective security systems that will guard every corner of your construction site, 24/7.

By optimizing your construction site security, you will be preventing loss from several threats commonly faced on London sites.

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Major Threats and Solutions

Theft and Vandalism

The biggest threat to your construction site is theft as it not only leaves a huge dent on the site owner’s wallet but also disrupts operations. Most of the equipment and material used for construction is high-value, expensive, and available in limited quantities. This is particularly enticing to thieves as construction sites can be easy targets at night after the workers have left for home.

Another issue faced by London construction sites is vandalism. These open sites attract teenagers and the homeless, who tend to vandalise the property and delicate apparatus that may be lying around.

The Solution

By investing in a thorough construction site security system, you can reduce the loss caused by theft and vandalism through around-the-clock monitoring and alarms which immediately report to the authorities in case of a threat.

Your security system should include:


One of the most frightening threats to your construction site is arson, with RISC analysing that more than 40% of construction site fires are caused maliciously. This costs the industry over £400 million per annum on asset and equipment destruction.

Arson isn’t just a threat due to monetary loss and property damages; it can also cause severe injuries and poses a serious life risk to your workers. Arson accounts for more than 50% of the total fires attended by the Fire & Rescue Services per year, with England witnessing 80,610 deliberate fires.

The Solution

An excellent security system is a must-have to keep your London construction site and all of the workers safe. To achieve this, your security system should have smoke detectors and fire alarms which are wired for constant monitoring and highly responsive.

These will be triggered upon the slightest signs of smoke and alert everyone on the property to evacuate immediately. Moreover, the fire department will be called to handle the situation before it gets out of hand.

By installing security lights, you can ward off any potential arsonists before they commit the crime.

Final Words

Investing in a high-coverage security system will not only save you millions but also prevents any danger to life and other risks. For expert consultation on the best security protocols for your construction site, visit our website.

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