Security 101 – The Importance of Regular Security System Maintenance

Security system maintenance

Just like how our cars need regular maintenance, the security systems in our homes (or any other appliance for that matter) are no different. To maximise the efficiency of your home security, regular upkeep and maintenance is a must.

Homeowners who perform regular security system maintenance get more life out of their appliances and reduce the chances of a system downtime occurring – during which their house would be at risk.

The security systems at your home should be maintained using these two strategies.

·        Corrective Maintenance

Corrective measures of maintenance are focused on repairing and replacing any parts of the system that may be faulty or malfunctioning. This is more of a reactive approach i.e. only fixing an element of the system after it has been broken or needs replacement due to overuse.

Corrective maintenance is generally unplanned.

·        Preventive Maintenance

On the other hand, just as the name suggests preventive maintenance focuses on anticipating any possible faults or failures that could occur beforehand and fixing them to prevent breakdowns.

Preventive maintenance is pre-planned and should be done thoroughly at least once a year to ensure smooth operations of your system.

By combining these two types of maintenance, your security system will function better and last longer to protect you and your house for years to come.

Now that we have briefly gone over how maintenance work can be done, let’s discuss why we need it at all. Here are some of the most important reasons why you need regular security system maintenance.

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Protection Against System Hacks

Since your security system largely relies on technology and software, that makes it susceptible to digital system hacks. With cyber hacks become more and more common in the UK, and a big attack happening at least once a week, this could put your house at great risk.

By updating your system, the connected security system equipment is protected against these attacks. It is important to update all the connected devices like:

  • Smart lights
  • Locks
  • Security cameras
  • Fire and carbon monoxide detectors

Catch System Errors

When your security system undergoes proper maintenance, all of its components are checked to ensure there are no chances of error. By resolving all possible system errors, you increase the life expectancy of the system and make it fool-proof against any sort of intrusions.

Avoid False Alarms

Nothing can be more frustrating than waking up at 3 am to your fire alarm raging, only to find out nothing is wrong. If your system is wired to the local firefighter department, now that would just be embarrassing!

False alarms can be an unnecessary expense as they waste emergency service resources. They often occur due to faulty equipment or out-dated software.

A simple way to avoid false alarms is by testing your systems on a bi-yearly basis to make sure everything is in order and working properly. Be sure to notify the authorities beforehand so no rescue team is dispatched.

At the End

Remember that staying proactive is the key to achieving maximum security for your home and valuable belongings. Get your home security maintenance done by system experts for optimal reliability and support.

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