Security Measures I Took to Secure My House

Outdoor CCTVAccording to a report by ACLU, the number of surveillance systems installed in the UK increased dramatically from 1990 to 2002. The total count stands above 4.2 million and increasing. This security measure has been taken by the government to assist law enforcement officials so that they can catch criminals without any investigative delays.

The results of a “Crime Prevention and CCTVs” survey revealed that while people seek refuge under a CCTV camera during the night, they do not believe in its capabilities as a home security measure.

My point of telling you all this is that no matter what people think or say about CCTVs, having one inside and outside your home is a great relief. We see all these movies where burglars enter through the back door and slit the throats of the owners after stealing their valuables and we think to ourselves, “This is never going to happen to us because our neighbourhood is secure.”

There is a probability, albeit a small one, that your house might be burglarised. Do you want to put your life and that of your family members at risk?

When I moved with my family to my new house, I was informed by my real estate agent that the area has a very low crime rate. You can imagine my surprise when a week later, the house across us was vandalised because the owners had gone for a vacation.

I decided that day to take a few crime prevention measures to protect myself.

At this point, I was confused where to start. I had a big front yard and a backyard. There was a garage and one back door. In total, there were three entry points that put my house in a vulnerable position.

Here’s what I did:

The thing about CCTVs is that some of them need to be in sight and other’s need to be hidden. A burglar is more likely to bypass your house if he sees a camera. However, he might take his chances and try to break in some other way.

  • The first camera I installed was in the intercom. My kids like to run to the door and open it for me when I come home. I connected the intercom to a tablet so that anytime someone rang the doorbell, they would be in full view
  • Next up was the garage and to secure that, I installed a door entry system. No one could enter it unless they knew the code
  • Now the front yard and back yard is pretty huge. I installed a total of four cameras ― 2 in the front and 2 in the back. One was in plain sight and the other was a covert camera. There were also security lights hidden in the bushes. The motions sensors on them would detect any intruders stepping on my property
  • Lastly, I installed two more cameras ― one had a clear view of the front door from the inside and other for the back door in the kitchen

And that’s how I keep my house safe from burglars.

I bought all these CCTV systems and even the covert ones from Eagle Security Solutions. They were quite helpful and told me in great detail the types of residential alarms systems they had. I would highly recommend them as everything I bought is of the highest quality. You can get in touch with them, by calling on 020 8853 0580.

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