The Benefits of Installing an Intercom for Your Entry System Security

Door Entry SystemImagine this – you have a 6-year-old who loves opening the door. It’s one of those kid’s things where they like to be the first one to open the order and greet whoever is on the other side. One afternoon, you were at work and your son was alone with your wife. The maid had left for the day and after putting on cartoons for your boy, your wife went to take a shower. While she was in the bathroom, the bell rang and as usual, your son ran and opened the door without asking who it was.


Two men in black masks forced their way into the house and locked your son into a room. They then proceeded to ransack the house and took everything they got their hands on. They were in quite the hurry so instead of finding out where the woman of the house was; they rushed and ran away with the loot. A few minutes later, your wife came down and learned what had happened.


You know what could have prevented this from happening?


A door entry system with an intercom!


Most people choose a simple intercom that allows them to communication with the person on the other side of the door. For added security measures, we suggest that you look into a system that offers video surveillance as well as audio facilities.


Following are a few benefits of having an intercom:


Visual Confirmation – Warns You of Danger

One of the best crime prevention measures you can take to protect your house from burglars disguised as mailmen is installing a camera at the front door. A wireless intercom with a camera will offer you live feed. You will easily be able to spot the person ringing the bell.


Audio Confirmation – Allows You to Ask the Right Questions Without Making Yourself Vulnerable

Sometimes, a visual is not enough to identify a person. An intercom system will allow you to talk to the person through the door without endangering yourself.


You Can Keep an Eye on Your Kids

Video surveillance allows you to make sure that your kids are playing safely in the front yard or backyard. The addition of intercom allows you to call out to your kids or have a conversation with them easily.


Catch Pranksters Red-Handed

Those children in the neighborhood ringing your door bell and running away will be horrified when you show up at their doorstep and give their mother video proof of how they have been annoying you. So, there’s that.


So now do you think an intercom is one of the best home security measures? A door entry system not only offers you protection but also peace of mind that your family will be safe and secure when you are not in the house. Visit Eagle Security Solutions to get your hands on high quality alarms and door entry systems. To know more about the products and services they offer, call on 020 8853 0580

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