The How and Why of Security System Maintenance

Arming a home alarm

Not only is prevention better than cure, but it’s a lot less costly too! Whether you are a homeowner or running a business, you need to ensure your security system is up and running at all times.


But, why?

Having a well maintained security system prevents alarming breakdowns and also helps with insurance compliance! Hypothetically, if a burglar was to break into your office building and take off with some valuable equipment, the next thing you would want to do is to make an insurance claim for your losses. However, if due to poor maintenance, the locks didn’t work, your insurers might not follow through with the claim on account of poor security system maintenance on your end. Additionally, you should also consider the fire regulations and safety legislation. In case a fire breaks out, the last thing you want is for the emergency exit button to fail you and not activate the door release.


Professional maintenance

Home automation has significantly extended the longevity of security systems. If you want to make your private property secure, discussing all the available options with a qualified security expert is the way to go. However, setting up an automated security system for your work place or home isn’t enough. Maintenance is just as important too. Preventative check-ups ensure that your security system functions optimally for a very long time.
As aforementioned, if say your alarm ceases to work due to ill maintenance, your insurers will void your claim. Your security system must be checked by a security professional on an annual basis. There are various aspects of your security system that the security professionals will assess. They will check out whether the batteries are functioning properly and are in good condition. They will also check whether the transmitted signals are received by the monitoring center successfully. Then they will carry out controlled test and check whether the panic buttons along with sensors are working. If there are any damaged parts that arise through proper diagnosis, the professional will repair these right away.


What you can do

Don’t leave your security system’s maintenance solely up to the annual check-ups though. It is a good practice to test your security system yourself every now and then. Test the alarm out to check if it’s working properly, along with the smoke detectors and motion sensors. If your security system is new, you can carry out these tests every six months. However, if you have an older security system, you ought to check it every three months. Make sure that every time you test your security system out, you notify your security provider before-hand so they don’t dispatch support while you are at it. Whether you have a wireless security system or a traditional one, check the batteries within the security panel roughly every 3 years. Furthermore, make sure your camera lens is always clean using a lens wipe so that it provides a clear video feed at all times.

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