The Main Components of Fire Detection Systems

Fully equipped fire detection systems are ideal for protecting residents of your home or employees and customers inside your business from succumbing to the dangers of a fire. A professionally installed fire alarm system with all its components can make the difference between people being trapped inside and people who are able to escape. A fire detection system has many facets to it that allow for the detection of a fire and the ability to warn inhabitants of the building.

Fire alarm control panels – This is the component of fire detection systems that allows you to control it. The control panel receives information from sensors that distinguish changes caused by fires. Building code requires commercial buildings to have a fire alarm control panel.

Smoke detectors – Since smoke is usually a sign of fire, these devices set into the ceiling of rooms and hallways in homes and businesses alert occupants of a potential fire. Smoke detectors are powered by a central fire alarm system.

Heat detectors – Similar to smoke detectors, these devices are set off when another element of fire, heat is introduced into a building. Unlike smoke detectors, they can be installed virtually anywhere in the building and are well suited for areas with electrical equipments such as kitchens in homes and computer rooms in offices.

Fire alarm sounders – These are not found in homes because the audible sound of a smoke detector is enough in a residence. Instead, these devices are installed in commercial buildings and emit both a light and an alarm to ensure every occupant hears or sees that there is a fire and they need to evacuate. These come in different sizes and with different tones, but the standard colour of a fire alarm sounder is red.

Call points – If occupants of commercial buildings notice a fire before any sensors in the fire detection systems pick up on it, they can pull a manual call point, or fire alarm activation switch, to set off the alarm around the entire building. This will alert everyone to evacuate.

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