Avoid False Alarms With The Visonic Visual Alarm Verification

Alarm systems have gained immense popularity in recent times due to the significant increase in burglary and crime incidents. Both home and business owners understand that a good alarm system can effectively reduce the threat associated with miscreants and ensure the safety of their employees and family members. However, certain overtly sensitive alarm systems raise false alarms causing loss of time, money, effort and productivity. The Visionic visual verification alarm system was designed to overcome these drawbacks.


Visonic’s visual alarm verification system, also known as RealAlarm, helps monitoring stations to avoid unwanted responses to false alarms. The monitoring station can assess the location remotely to check the authenticity of the alarm. The system comes with PIR cameras which are turned on each time the alarm is activated. It captures clear images of the location, and works well in both day and night. The images are sent to the monitoring station digitally. The staff at the monitoring station can review the images sent by the camera before informing the law enforcement and emergency service agencies. In case of a real alarm, the images can provide important clues to the authorities and help them plan their next move. They may also get their first clues and proofs from these images. The system is cost effective and efficient. It can save time, effort and energy for everyone involved.


The Visonic visual alarm verification system also allows the monitoring station personnel to implement emergency procedures and protocols remotely. They do not have to visit the location personally, which can be time consuming and potentially dangerous.


The RealAlarm system offered by Visionic is easy to install as well, especially if your house or business is pre-wired or has another alarm system in place. The installer will simply connect the wired system to a specific zone within the PowerMaster control panel. You will not be required to change anything. The accessories for the visual verification alarm system are fully battery operated. They do not require additional wired connections. Hence, they are easy to install and requires less maintenance visits. You can enjoy the benefits of an accurate alarm system for a reasonable price. The battery life is long. The transmission range is greater as well.


It is important to remember that while the alarm system is turned on at all times, the PIR camera system is turned on only when you activate it. Your privacy is never compromised. You only get some additional peace of mind.


False alarms account for close to 90 percent of all alarm events. Monitoring agencies and law enforcement officials spend significant amount of time and money responding to such calls. In fact, some law enforcement agencies have been forced to implement a “no response unless verified” approach due to limited resources and budget cuts. Some countries such as UK have also created laws that make alarm verification mandatory to generate police response.


However, the traditional verification systems involving personal visits can be time consuming and dangerous. Visonic, a global leader in home security and safety system manufacturing, created the visual alarm verification system to provide a solution to this problem. Eagle security solutions are approved installers of RealAlarm visual alarm verification system in UK.

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