What Makes Smoke Detectors One of the Most Essential Home Security Gadgets?

Contradictory to popular assumption, harmful gases do not only reside outside our homes. They also dwell inside our homes and pose serious threat to the safety of the house’s residents without their knowledge. According to the United Kingdom government, from March 2015 to 2016 there were 31,367 cases of dwelling fires in which 28% fires and 36% deaths were accounted to the absence of smoke detectors.


In majority of the dwelling fire incidents all over the world, it has occurred when the family has been peacefully sleeping in the middle of the night and in these incidents the residents do not find out about the fire until it is already too late.


Smoke detector is undoubtedly the most essential home security gadget because it will:

  • Save us from fire injuries and fatality
  • It can save the house from burning down to ashes
  • If you cannot afford fire insurance then this can definitely save you from financial influx that may occur on the absence of smoke detector.
  • It can protect us from becoming homeless


Here are some things to remember when installing a smoke detector:



It’s difficult to decide the correct placement of the fire alarm and it’s mostly because people buy only one. There should at least be as many alarms as the floors in the houses, one on each level. The placement should also be done is in such a way that the fire alarm is on the escape route of the house, as it will help is seeing clearly when the smoke or fire may obscure visibility. Also, the fire alarm should be installed at the centre of the ceiling or at the wall, but still near the ceiling.


Type of Detectors:

There are different types of smoke detectors, each with their advantages and disadvantages. A multifunctional smoke detector detects fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide. Also, these detectors can be found as battery operated, hardwired, and smart or in wireless forms.

A smart smoke detector is the most efficient one and works virtually as well as physically. It notifies through devices if a smoke or fire is detected around the house. Moreover, it even communicates with the help of the apps and with each other and informs the housemates where exactly the fire is and finding a safe escape route. Being rich with cut-edge technology, smart alarms are more expensive yet most secure and effective.

Hardwire smoke detectors are attached with wires and are connected to the electrical system of a house. However, in case of power outage, this alarm will not work. Other than that, it is useful and requires professional knowledge for installation. Battery operated smoke detectors runs on batteries but they need regular check-ups to ensure the battery has not run out.

In one sentence, smoke detectors are one of the most essential home security gadgets because prevention is better than cure, especially when the incident results in something that has no cure at all.

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