Why Commercials Alarms Are Important for a Business

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From business security alarms to fire alarms, CCTVs, and access control systems – a commercial building needs to have it all. Establishing and running the day-to-day operations of a business is quite difficult.


As the owner, you need to take several precautions to ensure that everything and everyone in the building will be safe and secure in case of an emergency. You are probably wondering, why the need for multiple commercial alarms, right?


Imagine this: there’s been a breach in your office and someone is trying to enter your research facility by setting off a commotion. The person causing the trouble lights a fire in a bin to distract the security guards and plans to enter a certain room where all the secrets to your innovations are kept. Luckily, your fire alarm sets off and you empty the building. The access control system stops the spy from entering the room and while he is busy trying to open the door, the CCTV cameras catch him in the act.


Remember — these wireless alarm systems do not just protect your office but also your biggest assets, such as your employees.

Following are the benefits of installing commercial alarms on your business premises:

Detecting Intruders

One of the biggest benefits of commercial alarms is that it keeps your business safe. Advanced alarms with motions sensors are all the rage now as they detect any break-ins without alerting the intruder that he or she has been caught on camera accessing an area where they are not supposed to be.


Protecting Office Equipment

Millions of dollars are spent on office equipment, which include computers, printers, projector screens, and more. Then there’s the furniture and machines like dispensers, coolers, ACs, etc. which are installed all over the office. This is where a fire alarm and a CO alarm come in. Apart from protecting your property, they also protect data that hasn’t yet been digitised and is stored in the archives.


Protects Your Investments

If a fire breaks out in your building, it will take days for the fire department to check it out and give the green light for the employees to enter. During this time, precious time is lost and your investments slowly start to go down the drain. You can avoid this by installing business security systems and protecting your employees, as well as your business from any future delays that might be caused due to such a disaster.


Curbs Harassment

The beauty of CCTV cameras is that it keeps employees on their toes. They think twice before harassing an employee or stealing anything from the office because they know their every move is being recorded.


Gives You Peace of Mind

CEOs need to be prepared for any kind of breach. A disgruntled employee might feel like his firing was not just and decide to steel important business secrets, a female employee might file a lawsuit because she claims a male employee tried to molest her during a night shift and so on. You can protect yourself from these kinds of cases by installing commercial alarms in your building.


And this is why you need to invest in a good commercial security system package. Eagle Security Solutions is a registered SSAIB seller that offers all types of commercial alarms. To know more about the alarms they offer, call on 020 8853 0580.

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