4 Home Security Trends That Will Keep You Safe in 2019

What is the definition of the best home security?


Previously, a good neighbourhood was enough to ensure you stay protected. Most you had to do was place an iron bolt at your gate.

 But with time burglary spread all over the UK and the burglars started to get past every barrier you placed. This opened doors for technologically inclined home security systems that alerted you and the police of the trespasser’s arrival.

Now, home security systems keep evolving every year to bring something bigger and better.


Let’s look at how security companies are finding new ways to offer you the best home security.


1.  Smart Surveillance

Surveillance cameras have become an essential part of the home security kit. This year, you’ll see them turning from average recorders to highly intelligent devices that track the intruder.


What does that mean?

  • Facial recognition
  • Detecting suspicious packages
  • Alerting you of any movements near the door

In short, these cameras will work around the clock and notify you of any suspicious people lurking on your lawn.


2.  Password Please

Ditch your old school locks for biometric home security.

Most high-profile companies have already switched over to this security system. It is an automated lock system that identifies people with the help of certain markers (e.g. fingerprint, palm print, facial recognition or signature). This means only you or a selected group can enter the premises when alone. Not only does it discourage trespassing but it is also hacker-proof.

Believe us, you don’t have to worry about losing keys or changing passwords when you have biometric barrier guarding your doors.


3. Smash-Proof Security Alarms

You might have a top-notch security system but it can’t withstand the pressure of a burglar’s presence. That’s because most tech-savvy burglars can easily disable the security system before they step into your house. Others might use a weapon to smash the control panel into pieces as soon as they enter. In both cases, you are doomed!


However, the latest models of security system have added ‘anti-smash and crash’ technology. This feature keeps the alarm intact in spite of a broken control panel. So you can be certain that help will be on the way even after the burglar has done his damage.


4. Geo-Fence

You might have heard the buzz about geo-fencing in a business catalogue.  Yet, you may not know about its functionality on the home front. This spectacular security software administers home appliances, thermostats and synchronizes with smart devices you own. So you can monitor your house even when you aren’t home.


It allows you to:

  •  Get notified when your children go in and out the premises
  • Turn off the appliances when you leave the house
  • Have multiple modes and perquisite settings that keep the house guarded at all times

In conclusion, investing in the rapid progression of home security systems is the best way to keep those invasive stalkers and burglars off your lawns.

So what are you waiting for? Go give your house an upgrade!

Need a security solution? The folks at Eagle Security Solutions are always ready to assist you in all your security needs.

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