Redcare Alarm Signalling Solutions

Do not take risks with your home or business security; choose Redcare, the largest supplier of alarm signalling services in UK.  Redcare ensures that signaling from your intruder or fire alarm will never be compromised. Redcare GSM provides double protection against all risks from alarm signaling failures.

Eagle security solutions are an approved Redcare installer, providing complete range of Redcare security products such as Classic, GSM, Fire and Redcare Secure for home and commercial alarm systems.

Redcare continuously check that the phone line is working and will notify the Alarm Receiving Centre within seconds should there be a problem. Redcare provide a secure means of alarm monitoring.

BT Redcare products help to protect hundreds of thousands of businesses and homes in UK with its dual signaling approach which allows a confirmed alarm activation to be sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre, even if the telephone line has been cut or attacked.

Redcare security products

Redcare Secure is a dual path signaling which comprises of three variants; Secure 2, Secure 3 and Secure IP. Redcare secure offers a cost efficient alarm signaling choice to customers with the ability to move between the three levels of protection if their risk requirements or technology change.

The unit transmits alarm signals from alarm panel at the protected property, via the Redcare ESP network to an Alarm receiving Centre (ARC). The unit can be configured to utilise GPRS & PSTN for “Redcare secure grade 2/3”, or the IP/GPRS configuration for “Redcare secure IP” service. Redcare Secure 2 is ideal for relatively low risk commercial or residential premises with Grade 2 risk requirements.

Redcare GSM  is a Grade 4 dual path alarm signalling unit. Redcare GSM constantly monitors the phone line which is the primary path and if the line is cut or there is a fault on the line, this is signalled to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via the GSM (secondary path) within just 40 seconds.  The dual signaling paths are constantly polled to verify that the communication links are working. Redcare GSM is an ideal signaling method for a grade 3 or grade 4 security alarm system in high security commercial premises or high value residential properties where the risks of alarm signaling failures are greater.

Redcare Classic  is a Grade 4  signalling unit  which requires ARC notification within three minutes. It works on a standard telephone line with added security which continuously checks that the phone line is working and will alert the Alarm Receiving Centre if there is any line fault. Redcare Classic is ideal for commercial alarms and  intruder alarms in high value residential properties.

Benefits of Redcare

  • No additional expense for a dedicated phone line
  • No call charges to pay for the signals sent on your land line or the radio path
  • Dual path signaling provide added security to business alarms or house alarms.
  • Ability to deliver alarms even if one or both of the signaling paths are lost.
  • Redcare GSM is listed and approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board
  • Redcare is recommended as the preferred choice for alarm signaling by the insurers.

How to get Redcare?

  • Your Redcare system should preferably be installed by an approved alarm installer who should be a member of a recognised security inspectorate, such as National Security Inspectorate(NSI) or SSAIB.
  • Eagle Security Solutions is an approved BT Redcare installer. We can help you through the process of getting Redcare, from survey of your premises to the installation, monitoring and maintenance of the Redcare alarm system.

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