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Eaton Scantronic Security Intruder Alarm Systems I-ON Series

Eaton - Scantronic Security Intruder Alarm Systems

Eaton Scantronic Security Intruder Alarm Systems

Eaton is a leading manufacturer of security and intruder alarm products, developed with cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled protection. Eaton’s ranges of intruder alarm systems include Scantronic i-on series, featuring hard-wired, wireless and hybrid options.

The Scantronic i-on10 burglar alarm panel is hard-wired and ideal for small to medium-sized installations. The i-on10 panel has 10 Zones providing a reliable and constant communication between panel and devices.

The Scantronic i-on Compact wireless system featues 20 zones and can be connected to the Cloud and the end user App. The i-on10 is the direct replacement for Scantronic 9651EN-41 and 9651PD-41 control panels.



Eaton i-on Compact Wireless Alarm

20 Zone wireless intruder alarm – Audible with Ethernet

£645         Buy Now

Scantronic i-on Compact Wireless Alarm with 4G

Smart compact wireless home alarm with 4G GSM module.

£745         Buy Now

i-on30R Wireless Intruder Alarm System

Professional 30 zone wireless alarm system with keypad.

£795         Buy Now


Eaton i-on10 Control Panel & Keypad Upgrade

Fully programmable 10 zones wired bells-only intruder alarm panel.

£395         Buy Now

Scantronic 9651EN Panel and Keypad Upgrade

Eight zone wired bells-only intruder alarm panel ideal for an upgrade.

£395         Buy Now

Cooper Menvier 9651PD Bells Only Alarm

Reliable and popular Scantronic 9651 control panel and 9941 keypad.

£595         Buy Now

Eaton i-on10 Wired Bells-Only Intruder Alarm

Simple entry-level burglar alarm system to protect homes and small businesses.

£595         Buy Now


Scantronic Wireless External Sounder

Self actuated bell (SAB) with high-power comfort LEDs and strobes.

£125  Buy Now

Eaton Slimline Shock Detector

Compact wireless shock and movement detector with 2 years battery life.

£79  Buy Now

Slimline Wireless Door Contact

Sleek and compact magnetic door contact combined with shock detector.

£85  Buy Now

Scantronic Wireless Pet PIR Sensor

XCELR wireless PIR with sophisticated design and greater performance.

£79  Buy Now

Eaton KEY-KP01 Proximity Keypad

Modern and discreet design LCD keypad with built-in prox reader.

£125  Buy Now

2-Way Wireless LCD Keypad

Radio keypad, giving full access to configure, set or unset the system.

£125 Buy Now

Scantronic 9941EN LCD Keypad

Works with 9853, 9851, 9752, 9751 and 9651 alarm system control units.

£95 Buy Now

SDR-R-BAT1 Battery Pack

High capacity battery backup for the 760ES wireless siren bell box.

£55 Buy Now

Eaton 2W-4B 2-Way Keyfob

FOB-2W-4B two-way keyfob enables the user to remotely unset/set systems.

£55 Buy Now

Remote Control for I-ON Panels

i-FB01 one-way keyfob fits comfortably in your pocket or on a key ring.

£55 Buy Now