What Are Security Systems, and How Do They Work?

Business Needs a Security System

Around eighty thousand burglaries are attempted in London each year. With the crime rate this high, everyone wants to make changes on their property to deter the criminals away. The first prioritized option for anyone who wants to protect their home or workplace from burglary is to inaugurate a security system.


What Are Security Systems?

Security systems are precisely what their name suggests – a system of electronic interworking devices connected together to provide the security that your property needs.

All security systems are based on the same principle of securing entry points and detecting unusual movements through integrated sensor systems.

A security system mainly includes the following components:

  • Central control panel
  • Motion sensors, for property’s interior and exterior safety
  • Door and window sensors
  • Security cameras (wired or wireless)
  • A siren or alarm system
  • Warning window stickers and a yard sign

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How Do Security Systems Work?

Each component of a security system serves a different purpose. However, they all have the same ultimate goal: securing your property’s premises from all people with an evil objective.

Let’s discuss in detail about the working of each component that comes with a security system.


Central Control Panel

The control panel is a small computing device that handles the security system by communicating with other components. It consists of a touchpad that requires a passcode for arming and disarming the system. Many panels also support voice commands for easy access.


Motion Sensors

The security system integrated with motion sensors protects an area by creating a secured zone that sounds a high-pitched alarm when someone breaches the boundary lines, or when some unknown movement is detected. These sensors are usually installed to protect a room or building that contains valuable assets.


Door and Window Sensors

Door and window alarms are designed like a connected circuit. One part of the circuit is fixed with the door or window, and the other is installed with the door frame or window sill.

While the doors and windows are closed, the circuit is connected, reporting back to the control panel that the entry points are secured. However, when you open the entryways, the circuit breaks and alerts the central control panel about this breach. A high-pitched siren is sounded, while the owner and security company are informed about it.


Security Cameras

The security cameras can be installed in both wired and wireless configurations, depending on your property’s needs. These cameras are accessible through your mobiles, computers, and other gadgets, so you can check on your place even when you are not physically there.

These surveillance cameras are mostly inaugurated to monitor the entry points, garages, workshops, or the distant areas of your property.


An Alarm System

Security systems have a siren installed to alert the homeowner and neighbours that the property has been breached with trespassers.


Warning Stickers and Signs

The warning signs are there to tell everyone that your property is protected via a professional security system. This warns and deters the criminals away from the property successfully.

Eagle Security Solutions provide the most reliable security systems and installation services for home and business owners throughout London. We service our customers by matching all their needs and security concerns while staying under the provided budget. For more information, you can get in contact with our team today.

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Types of Security Systems

CCTV Security Systems

Security systems provide the means to shelter your home from the destructive misdemeanours. There are various types of security systems, and although most of them overlap with others, each one is designed to focus on a specific hazard. When you want to secure your property for a particular reason, it is of paramount importance to distinguish between them all.


Here are the many types of security system you should know about:


1- Burglar Security Systems

The basic home security system constitutes the burglar alarm systems. These systems use a low-voltage closed-circuit system for securing your home’s doors and windows. When these entry points are tampered with, it triggers the installed alarm that signals the homeowners and neighbours of the possible intruders.

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2- Monitored Home Alarm Systems

These alarms come with a central control panel that communicates with other components of the system, including motion detectors and door and window alarms. You can access your home’s security system through your smartphones and computers as well.

Another benefit of these security systems is that they can use their back-up power to monitor your home’s activities continuously, even with a power breakdown.


3- CCTV Security Systems

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are also known as the surveillance security systems. Cameras are placed on the potential entry points of the property in this kind of security system. The video feed is transmitted to monitors only accessible to the verified users.


4- Commercial Security Systems

A commercial security system is integrated with a wide range of functionalities. The systems usually perform one or more of these tasks, depending on the commercial security system you get:

  • Video surveillance
  • Premises access control
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems
  • Fire, smoke, water detectors
  • Lighting control
  • Motion detector
  • Licensed access entry for confidential rooms
  • Remote access and control of the system

5- Fire Alarm Systems

These alarm systems are used in residential and commercial sites to detect the threat of fire or smoke. Some of the systems ring an alarm and send out an alert for the property owner to take immediate action. Other alarm systems also provide the facility of fire extinguishers, which excessively helps decrease the damage and human casualties.


6- Water Leak Detection Systems

Although fires can be devastating, water damages are far more of a common threat at homes and commercial business places. The water leak detection system instantly alerts the property owners if a particular pipe springs a leak, or if the system detects flooding of some kind. You wouldn’t have to worry about protecting your place from sudden water damage once you install this system.

Properties without security systems are always on the hit list of significant hazardous problems, including crimes, fire, smoke, and gas leaks. Eagle Security Solutions provides the most trustworthy security systems with their installation services for home and business owners throughout London.

You can contact our team for further information today.

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Security 101 – The Importance of Regular Security System Maintenance

Security system maintenance

Just like how our cars need regular maintenance, the security systems in our homes (or any other appliance for that matter) are no different. To maximise the efficiency of your home security, regular upkeep and maintenance is a must.

Homeowners who perform regular security system maintenance get more life out of their appliances and reduce the chances of a system downtime occurring – during which their house would be at risk.

The security systems at your home should be maintained using these two strategies.

·        Corrective Maintenance

Corrective measures of maintenance are focused on repairing and replacing any parts of the system that may be faulty or malfunctioning. This is more of a reactive approach i.e. only fixing an element of the system after it has been broken or needs replacement due to overuse.

Corrective maintenance is generally unplanned.

·        Preventive Maintenance

On the other hand, just as the name suggests preventive maintenance focuses on anticipating any possible faults or failures that could occur beforehand and fixing them to prevent breakdowns.

Preventive maintenance is pre-planned and should be done thoroughly at least once a year to ensure smooth operations of your system.

By combining these two types of maintenance, your security system will function better and last longer to protect you and your house for years to come.

Now that we have briefly gone over how maintenance work can be done, let’s discuss why we need it at all. Here are some of the most important reasons why you need regular security system maintenance.

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Protection Against System Hacks

Since your security system largely relies on technology and software, that makes it susceptible to digital system hacks. With cyber hacks become more and more common in the UK, and a big attack happening at least once a week, this could put your house at great risk.

By updating your system, the connected security system equipment is protected against these attacks. It is important to update all the connected devices like:

  • Smart lights
  • Locks
  • Security cameras
  • Fire and carbon monoxide detectors

Catch System Errors

When your security system undergoes proper maintenance, all of its components are checked to ensure there are no chances of error. By resolving all possible system errors, you increase the life expectancy of the system and make it fool-proof against any sort of intrusions.

Avoid False Alarms

Nothing can be more frustrating than waking up at 3 am to your fire alarm raging, only to find out nothing is wrong. If your system is wired to the local firefighter department, now that would just be embarrassing!

False alarms can be an unnecessary expense as they waste emergency service resources. They often occur due to faulty equipment or out-dated software.

A simple way to avoid false alarms is by testing your systems on a bi-yearly basis to make sure everything is in order and working properly. Be sure to notify the authorities beforehand so no rescue team is dispatched.

At the End

Remember that staying proactive is the key to achieving maximum security for your home and valuable belongings. Get your home security maintenance done by system experts for optimal reliability and support.

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Safe Constructions – Why Your London Construction Site Needs a Security System in 2020

Construction site security

Construction site security is one of the biggest concerns of building giants across the UK. With expensive machinery, equipment, and material laying around all day and night, these sites tend to be a big target for theft and vandalism. Another major issue faced on these sites is project management defaulters and liability problems.

Chartered Institute of Buildings UK conducted a survey in which it was found that over 21% of construction sites were hit weekly by theft. This causes firms to lose over a billion pounds annually; used in replacing stolen material and equipment while the project downtime brings further loss.

Hiring conventional security guards can be expensive and unreliable due to their limited ability to overlook the expansive construction area. A better solution is to install highly effective security systems that will guard every corner of your construction site, 24/7.

By optimizing your construction site security, you will be preventing loss from several threats commonly faced on London sites.

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Major Threats and Solutions

Theft and Vandalism

The biggest threat to your construction site is theft as it not only leaves a huge dent on the site owner’s wallet but also disrupts operations. Most of the equipment and material used for construction is high-value, expensive, and available in limited quantities. This is particularly enticing to thieves as construction sites can be easy targets at night after the workers have left for home.

Another issue faced by London construction sites is vandalism. These open sites attract teenagers and the homeless, who tend to vandalise the property and delicate apparatus that may be lying around.

The Solution

By investing in a thorough construction site security system, you can reduce the loss caused by theft and vandalism through around-the-clock monitoring and alarms which immediately report to the authorities in case of a threat.

Your security system should include:


One of the most frightening threats to your construction site is arson, with RISC analysing that more than 40% of construction site fires are caused maliciously. This costs the industry over £400 million per annum on asset and equipment destruction.

Arson isn’t just a threat due to monetary loss and property damages; it can also cause severe injuries and poses a serious life risk to your workers. Arson accounts for more than 50% of the total fires attended by the Fire & Rescue Services per year, with England witnessing 80,610 deliberate fires.

The Solution

An excellent security system is a must-have to keep your London construction site and all of the workers safe. To achieve this, your security system should have smoke detectors and fire alarms which are wired for constant monitoring and highly responsive.

These will be triggered upon the slightest signs of smoke and alert everyone on the property to evacuate immediately. Moreover, the fire department will be called to handle the situation before it gets out of hand.

By installing security lights, you can ward off any potential arsonists before they commit the crime.

Final Words

Investing in a high-coverage security system will not only save you millions but also prevents any danger to life and other risks. For expert consultation on the best security protocols for your construction site, visit our website.

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Retail Security in London – 4 Critical Tips to Keep Your Store Safe

Retail security in London

Whether you run a massive superstore or have a small corner side shop, retail security in London is essential for all. The list of security threats is endless, from direct theft or break-ins; no store is safe.

Centre of Retail Research UK reported total crime costs of £4,821 million in 2019, with retail shrinkage amounting to 34.6% as a result of external theft. Be it fraud, shoplifting, or even employee theft – retail crime can diminish your profits and put employees as well as shoppers in great danger.

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To enhance the security protocols of your store, we have compiled a list of 5 top tips to keep your store safe and prevent any breaches.

1.    Monitored Alarms

During a break-in, time is of the essence. Since criminals plan out their theft to take the least amount of time possible, you must stay connected through a commercial alarm system. These devices can be integrated to form a system that detects any motion, opened doors, or broken windows after you close down the store.

When triggered, a loud alarm sound is released to ward off the intruders and alert any police cars patrolling nearby.

2.     Install Access Control

This advanced technology allows retailers to control who has access to certain areas of your store. By limiting the employees who can enter rooms where money, stock, or valuable documents are kept; you add an important layer of security to your store.

Access control systems assign employees their unique codes that need to be entered before entering. This allows you to monitor the time that your staff arrives, and what areas they visit – which can be particularly helpful in cases of internal theft.

3.    Video Surveillance

One of the most effective ways of ensuring retail security in London is through commercial CCTV, which records video surveillance round the clock.

Through CCTVs, retailers can easily monitor all areas inside and outside their stores and detect unusual activity immediately. These video cameras are the perfect way of monitoring activity, visual identification, and even keeping a record of everything happening around the store.

The best part is that the CCTVs act as theft deterrents since criminals mostly avoid stores that have them installed.

In the End

To ensure maximum safety for your London store, remember that vigilance and quick actions are essential. For proper installation of these systems, contact a security solutions expert today!

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Physical Security System for Your Business

Access control system

Digital security for any business place is essential, but its physical security is critical and needs to be carefully secured. Like any big firm, small businesses, shops, and warehouses need to have a solid plan for protecting physical valuables. That’s why it is necessary to install proper security systems in your business places.

Let’s look at what you can do to protect your business and its assets by securing them physically.

1- Install Security Systems for External Threats

Installing a CCTV system outside your business place is the best way to ensure its physical security. If an intruder or burglar plans to break into your workplace, the physical presence of a CCTV camera right outside the front and back doors will surely prevent them from doing so. The security system also eliminates the threat of all pre-planned robberies.

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2- Manage Your Access Control

For managing the access control in your business building, multiple cameras get installed inside the workplace. You also need to set some motion detectors and an alarm system for sensing any suspicious intrusions in all rooms that contain confidential information regarding your business. You can install an access panel that controls the entry access for each individual, denying access to those who don’t have permission to enter certain areas.

As this requires a lot of workforce and technicality, it is better to hire a professional team like Eagle Security Solutions to secure your premises. It will guide you through the whole process and secure your business place from all unknown threats.

3- Eliminate the Internal Threats

Often the culprit of your doom is found in your workplace, working right under your nose. It is better to install a physical security system in the work area to prevent your workers from doing anything wrong or illegal.

4- Secure Your Parking Lot

The statistics show that most of the crimes take place in the parking lots of business places. Placing the right security systems in the parking lot deter the criminals from your property, making your customers feel extra secure. You can also ensure that there are no illegal activities taking place in the dark corners of the parking lot by installing HD cameras.

5- Monitor Other Miscellaneous Threats

With appropriate security measures, you can resolve many other unwanted issues that may occur in your workplace, including fire, smoke, and water flooding. Installing smoke and water-detecting sensors can help you avoid big disasters in the long term.

Ensuring every physical security aspect in your business place is essential if you want to run it smoothly. Our expert team at Eagle Security Solutions conducts a proper survey of your business property before planning a commercial security system just right for you.

For more information, you can get in contact with our team today:

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Physical Security Checklist for Your Business

CCTV camera in an office building

In this digital era, most of the discussions regarding security are largely focused on cyber-security. This means that many businesses neglect the importance of physical security inside and outside their workplace. A barely-functioning security camera and a careless security guard aren’t enough to protect your business from any unforeseen circumstances such as burglaries.

Therefore, we have put together the ultimate physical security checklist for your office to ensure that it remains safe and protected from any mishaps.

Door Security and Alarms

Business security systems are super-essential for every business; all security measures start from the entry and exit points of the office. While most main entrances have proper wireless alarm systems, the emergency exits are often neglected. So, when it comes to installing a business security system, every business needs to cover all bases, from the entrance and exit points, windows, etc. Moreover, these points should have sensors that trigger alarms, which should remain under supervision and inspection.

To be thorough you also need to ensure that the most important rooms in the office such as document storage rooms or data centres are well-protected with wireless alarm systems. Also, all these alarms should have their own emergency power source in case of a power outage.

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Access Controls

Almost all offices now have access control systems and for good reason. Access control systems entail smart cards, keys, biometric scanners, badges, and various other tools that help validate an employee’s identity. This helps prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the building and gaining unwarranted access. Moreover, access control systems also provide you detailed information about which areas were accessed and by whom.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a highly crucial aspect of your business security system. Modern surveillance systems offer you the opportunity to access high-quality footage. Moreover, their videos are often colored rather than grainy black and white. Video surveillance can easily be managed and monitored.

Security cameras record the feed continuously and automatically begin to record and store data when an alarm goes off or any motion is detected. Also, security cameras serve as the ideal deterrent for both internal and external threats so they are better left visible.

Proper Lighting

Another highly important part of any security system that people often neglect is – lighting. Inadequate light makes it all the more easier for criminals and intruders to enter your property. Moreover, it makes it more difficult for security personnel to catch these criminals.

As a business owner, you need to ensure that you have ample lighting on all floors, entrances, and exits. Moreover, you should arrange for a backup lighting system in case the power supply gets cut. Additionally, you should run frequent tests on your standby and emergency lighting.

Security Personnel

Do you have any security personnel to keep an eye on all those entering and exiting the vicinity? Well, if you don’t, you will need some as a first line of defence. You need to hire a few guards from a reliable security company who can keep a check on how things and running and maybe even the security camera feed for any suspicious activity.

If you’re looking for a company to install business security systems and wireless alarm systems, or to learn more about their products and services:

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How to Secure Your Home From the Inside

Securing Your Home From The Inside

Times have changed now, and leaving your home unlocked even for a few minutes when you are outside can be dangerous to you and your family. However, by taking appropriate security measures for your home, you can secure it successfully from any potential harm.

Here are a few tips on what you can do to keep your home secure from the inside.

1- Install a CCTV Security System

The first thing you should do to secure your home from criminals is to install CCTV security system on your front porch. Make sure to situate it in a place that is visible from the front view. This deters any potential intruder with malicious intent. Also, it is better to consult a professional security team and get help from them to choose the right CCTV system for your home with a good, high-definition camera.

2- Invest In a Doorbell Camera

Installing a door entry system is another excellent way to secure your home from the inside. Doorbell cameras allow you to keep watch outside your home easily from your mobile application. This way, you can find out who is at the door even when you are not at home. The doorbell cameras also work as a criminal identifier as it saves all the video recordings in its memory and helps you find justice when your property gets damaged.

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3- Keep Your Doors and Windows Locked

The easiest access way for any troublemaker to get inside your place is through unlocked doors and windows. Keeping them shut at all times secures the most vulnerable entry points of your home and keeps the ones who live inside saved from all troubles.

4- Inaugurate Door and Window Alarms in Your Home

Door and window alarms are one of the best security gadgets you can invest in for protecting your home from the inside. These security alarms are fit with motion detection sensors. Opening the doors and windows even a bit results in a blaring alarm, accompanied by a notification call on your mobile. It is also a very effective way to secure your home from anyone who tries to trespass into your home.

5- Install Security Lights

Darkness around your house provides a perfect cover for criminals and intruders to break into your home without getting detected by the security cameras. That’s why it is essential to install PIR motion sensor security lights in your front porch to light up the area and catch all movement outside.

6- Make Your Home Look Occupied

The perfect time for intruders to get inside your home is when it looks dark and unoccupied. You can use timers to control the electronics even when you are not at home, and turn your lights and television on and off occasionally to make it seem like someone is inside.

Eagle Security Solutions provides high-quality security systems and installation services for homeowners all across London. We provide our services to match each customer’s concerns and budget to guarantee the highest security for their homes.

For more information, you can get in touch with our team today:

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How to Evaluate Your London Home Security System for Best Performance

London home security

With more and more burglaries taking place in the UK, it has become essential for you to have a proper system for your London home security. Just in 2019/20, there were over 356 thousand home burglaries, shocking right?

A high-performance home security system will serve as your first line of defence against these burglaries to keep your family protected and your valuables safe. Therefore, it is important to do thorough research and find the best system possible based on your requirements.

Here are some of the major factors you need to evaluate for your London home security.

How Much Protection is Needed?

When deciding how many layers of security your house needs, the most important things to consider are the layout and size of the place.

While a basic system with a few contact sensors would suffice for a small apartment, bigger homes with multiple entrances and levels will need more layers of protection. Remember that you can often use one advanced motion sensor to cover multiple entrances and windows.

If you travel for work often or are out for a large part of the day, you might want to consider adding smoke detectors to your system. All of this should be wired with automation capabilities so you can easily disarm the security system from your smartphone whenever needed.

The Basic Components

Depending on how fool-proof a system you want, you can add on many different individual sensors and parts to your home security. However, certain components should always be present to ensure proper protection. These include:


1.    Base Station

This is the brain of the entire system and is connected wirelessly to all the different components. It acts as the middle-man between the sensors and the Internet. The base station usually comes with an in-built siren as well as backup batteries and a cellular connection to make sure the system doesn’t go down in case of a power outage.


2.    Motion sensor

To detect any movement after the family has gone to bed. These can be specially calibrated so pets won’t trigger the alarm.


3.    Keypad

To easily arm or disarm the system, a keyboard is a must-have.


4.    Security Cameras

These will help you constantly monitor any activity in and around your house. They also create a database and record all the footage in-case it needs to be used later.


5.    Panic Buttons

Physical panic buttons placed on every level of the house is a great way to alert the authorities directly, just in case the system’s message fails to go through.


Professional or Self-monitoring

The third, and perhaps most important thing to decide is whether you will opt for professional monitoring or not.

Normally, home security systems come with professional monitoring which sends a signal to the respective authorities whenever a sensor is triggered. However, if you’re on a budget you can consider self-monitoring.

The system will send alerts to your phone instead of to the monitoring center after which you can call the authorities yourself.

In Conclusion

Before selecting your London home security system, be sure to evaluate all these factors and find the best possible solution that falls in your budget. For further assistance, let our expert security team guide you!

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Everything You Need to Know About 4K Security Cameras for Your Business

CCTV Security camera

Ever since 4K TVs and monitors have become super-popular and affordable, they have started overtaking 1080p as the most-requested high definition resolution for cameras as well! When it comes to crime prevention measures, you naturally want the best possible equipment to safeguard your home or workplace and a 4K camera might be the way to go!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what 4K security cameras can do.

What is 4K?

Contrary to a popular assumption, 4K corresponds with around 8 megapixels rather than 4 megapixels. This means that it has around a 4 times better resolution than that of a standard high definition 1080p image. Even though a higher resolution camera should provide a better quality image, you must note that there are various other factors that come into play.

Benefits of Installing 4K Security Cameras

Here are a few benefits of installing 4K security cameras especially when you’re viewing playback videos.

Great Ability to Zoom In

4K gives you the ability to digitally zoom in without pixelating the video too much. This is vital as it is almost impossible to adjust the optical zoom on playback footages. Its digital zoom features help enhance the size of the pixels, helping the viewer to spot even the minutest details on small objects in a frame.

Great Quality

With their impressive picture quality, 4k security cameras are a great addition to your home security measures. One thing you need to keep in mind when purchasing this camera is the manufacturer and the product quality you’re receiving. If you opt for a high-end brand, offering you a high-quality 4k camera, you will be surprised at the quality of images produced. However, if you opt for a low-quality 4k camera, you will find that they are quite lower in resolution.

Drawbacks of Installing 4K Security Cameras

When taking home security measures, you obviously want the best camera. So, now that you know about the benefits of 4K cameras, let’s take a look at the drawbacks to see if it’s actually worth it!

Not-So-Budget Friendly

Well, there are a variety of 4k cameras available in the market, but they all vary from one another on the basis of price, quality, and performance. You can opt for a low-priced 4K security camera, but you should know that you’ll be sacrificing on its durability, quality, and performance. On the other hand, you can also get a high-quality camera, but it won’t be cheap at all!

Increased Storage Requirements

Since a 4K camera has higher pixels, this means it will have larger image size and require more storage. The problem that arises is that the video storage capacity is already pretty limited for security systems. So, before installing this camera, you will have to discuss this aspect with your security camera installation company.

Wrapping Up

Crime prevention measures should never be taken lightly. So, make sure you don’t cut corners when selecting a new security camera system for your home or workplace. If you’re looking for someone to help you select and install the best security camera system, visit Eagle Security Solutions now!

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