Tips on How to Protect Your Family and Keep Your House Safe

Burglary in ProgressThe first thing people do after buying a house is install burglar alarms. To ensure the safety of their family and the house, it’s important to set up this security measure. The ever changing technology offers you plenty of alarm designs that come with cameras, motions sensors, high piercing sounds which alert you that someone is trying to enter your house, and more.

Apart from making sure that the alarms are turned on during the night, what other safety measures do you take?

Here’s our list:

  • Locking the windows
  • Setting the code for the garage door
  • Dead bolting the attic stairway
  • Locking the basement windows from the inside

If you have somewhat a similar checklist then you are doing a great job. However, there are a few other sneaky things that burglars do to break into your house. They lie in wait, looking for that moment of opportunity where your distraction will allow them to enter your house undetected.

Following are some tips on home security measures that will help you find the weak points of your house:

Tip #1

Cut Down Any Tall Trees or Bushes that Block the Entrance

The first thing burglars do before robbing your house is that they case the place. They notice your habits and note down the hiding spots. A bush near your entrance allows them to peek into your house without being noticed. At night, they use the same hiding spot and jump you when you get out of the house.

This is why it is important to keep your porch clean. You should have a clear view of the street so that you can see all the comings and goings.

Tip #2

Install Glass Break Sensors

Installing window sensors on every window of your house can get quite expensive. The total cost can go as high as $500 or more. You can install glass break sensors instead, which will signal an alarm at the sound of glass breaking. For extra security, replace the traditional window panes with shatter-resistant glass.

Tip #3

Install a Door Brace

When a door is locked, only an inch of metal is inserted in the tumbler. This leaves plenty of wiggle room for a burglar to use blunt force and break down the door. While door entry systems will alert you of the break-in, if you are on vacation, you won’t be able to do anything. You can change the locks as many times as you want but there are other tools that can help burglars open the door. This is where a door brace comes in. It adds hundreds of pounds of direct force, which stops the door from being kicked in.

Tipp #4

Light up the Backyard

If you have a big backyard with a deck, then you have probably furnished it pretty well. The hiding places here are too many, which is why the best way to secure this place is with plenty of lighting. To save on the electricity bill, use solar powered lights.

So now you know how a burglar can trick you even when you have taken high security measures to protect your house. Sometimes, the answer is in the small details and in this case, every hiding corner outside your house makes you vulnerable.

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The Benefits of Installing an Intercom for Your Entry System Security

Door Entry SystemImagine this – you have a 6-year-old who loves opening the door. It’s one of those kid’s things where they like to be the first one to open the order and greet whoever is on the other side. One afternoon, you were at work and your son was alone with your wife. The maid had left for the day and after putting on cartoons for your boy, your wife went to take a shower. While she was in the bathroom, the bell rang and as usual, your son ran and opened the door without asking who it was.


Two men in black masks forced their way into the house and locked your son into a room. They then proceeded to ransack the house and took everything they got their hands on. They were in quite the hurry so instead of finding out where the woman of the house was; they rushed and ran away with the loot. A few minutes later, your wife came down and learned what had happened.


You know what could have prevented this from happening?


A door entry system with an intercom!


Most people choose a simple intercom that allows them to communication with the person on the other side of the door. For added security measures, we suggest that you look into a system that offers video surveillance as well as audio facilities.


Following are a few benefits of having an intercom:


Visual Confirmation – Warns You of Danger

One of the best crime prevention measures you can take to protect your house from burglars disguised as mailmen is installing a camera at the front door. A wireless intercom with a camera will offer you live feed. You will easily be able to spot the person ringing the bell.


Audio Confirmation – Allows You to Ask the Right Questions Without Making Yourself Vulnerable

Sometimes, a visual is not enough to identify a person. An intercom system will allow you to talk to the person through the door without endangering yourself.


You Can Keep an Eye on Your Kids

Video surveillance allows you to make sure that your kids are playing safely in the front yard or backyard. The addition of intercom allows you to call out to your kids or have a conversation with them easily.


Catch Pranksters Red-Handed

Those children in the neighborhood ringing your door bell and running away will be horrified when you show up at their doorstep and give their mother video proof of how they have been annoying you. So, there’s that.


So now do you think an intercom is one of the best home security measures? A door entry system not only offers you protection but also peace of mind that your family will be safe and secure when you are not in the house. Visit Eagle Security Solutions to get your hands on high quality alarms and door entry systems. To know more about the products and services they offer, call on 020 8853 0580

Security Measures I Took to Secure My House

Outdoor CCTVAccording to a report by ACLU, the number of surveillance systems installed in the UK increased dramatically from 1990 to 2002. The total count stands above 4.2 million and increasing. This security measure has been taken by the government to assist law enforcement officials so that they can catch criminals without any investigative delays.

The results of a “Crime Prevention and CCTVs” survey revealed that while people seek refuge under a CCTV camera during the night, they do not believe in its capabilities as a home security measure.

My point of telling you all this is that no matter what people think or say about CCTVs, having one inside and outside your home is a great relief. We see all these movies where burglars enter through the back door and slit the throats of the owners after stealing their valuables and we think to ourselves, “This is never going to happen to us because our neighbourhood is secure.”

There is a probability, albeit a small one, that your house might be burglarised. Do you want to put your life and that of your family members at risk?

When I moved with my family to my new house, I was informed by my real estate agent that the area has a very low crime rate. You can imagine my surprise when a week later, the house across us was vandalised because the owners had gone for a vacation.

I decided that day to take a few crime prevention measures to protect myself.

At this point, I was confused where to start. I had a big front yard and a backyard. There was a garage and one back door. In total, there were three entry points that put my house in a vulnerable position.

Here’s what I did:

The thing about CCTVs is that some of them need to be in sight and other’s need to be hidden. A burglar is more likely to bypass your house if he sees a camera. However, he might take his chances and try to break in some other way.

  • The first camera I installed was in the intercom. My kids like to run to the door and open it for me when I come home. I connected the intercom to a tablet so that anytime someone rang the doorbell, they would be in full view
  • Next up was the garage and to secure that, I installed a door entry system. No one could enter it unless they knew the code
  • Now the front yard and back yard is pretty huge. I installed a total of four cameras ― 2 in the front and 2 in the back. One was in plain sight and the other was a covert camera. There were also security lights hidden in the bushes. The motions sensors on them would detect any intruders stepping on my property
  • Lastly, I installed two more cameras ― one had a clear view of the front door from the inside and other for the back door in the kitchen

And that’s how I keep my house safe from burglars.

I bought all these CCTV systems and even the covert ones from Eagle Security Solutions. They were quite helpful and told me in great detail the types of residential alarms systems they had. I would highly recommend them as everything I bought is of the highest quality. You can get in touch with them, by calling on 020 8853 0580.

Getting Inside a Burglar’s Mind to Protect Your House

Getting Inside a Burglar’s Mind to Protect Your HouseBurglars are sneaky and know every trick in the book to break into your house. They know that if you are not vigilant, they will find a kink in your routine and exploit it to rob you. After much thinking, we decided to take a different approach to employ home security measures.

What would they do?

Here’s what we came up with:

Cancel Your Newspaper Subscription

Do you know how burglars find out that your house is sitting empty because you are on vacation? The number of newspapers on your front porch tells them the lights are out for good. Another dead giveaway is the overgrown lawn. So first, cancel the newspaper subscription and pay your neighbor’s kids to mow the lawn and water it.

Making the “Hey, Can I Use Your Bathroom” Excuse

We have seen it dozens of times in movies that a man posing as a TV repairman or a plumber knocks on your door and asks if they could use your bathroom. They will have plenty of excuses such as how the bathroom of the house they are making repairs in is not working, or they are fixing the pipeline. Don’t fall for these excuses! Even if they ask for a glass of water, lock the door behind you and let them wait outside. Hand out water in a disposable glass so that there’s need for further interaction.

They Look Familiar

Do you pay attention to the street sweeper or garbage man that work in your neighbourhood? The mail man who usually delivers in your area? There are plenty of other working class people that you seldom give a second thought. To most of us, these people look quite familiar. You never know who is knocking on your door. Make sure that your alarm system is in place so that if someone tries to force their way in, you can alert the police.

Install Window Lock Sensors on the 2nd Story Bedroom Windows

Since the bedrooms are always located upstairs, burglars use the windows in there as entry points. You can install a glass break sensor for the downstairs rooms and window lock sensors in the bedroom because this is where your jewelry and money is kept.

Install one more lock on the kitchen window, if it faces the side of the house. This is a good hiding spot and even someone on the streets won’t be able to notice the break-in.

Secure the Safe

If your safe is not bolted to the wall or the ground, the burglar can pick up the entire thing and walk out with it.

Get Yourself a Best Friend

A dog scares away most burglars. If they are not afraid of the dog, they will be afraid of the loud barks that will create a ruckus and the jig will be up.

And that’s how you protect your house. Wasn’t it fun to think like a thief and beat them at their own game?

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Basics of Fire Alarm Systems

Basics of Fire Alarm SystemsA fire alarm system is critical for the protection of a building and its occupants. Most of us have experienced an active fire alarm system at school, office, or during an evacuation drill. Yet, we seldom give thought to how they actually work.


If you are planning to get a fire alarm system for your building, you must also know the basics of fire alarm systems. Here’s everything you need to know to understand how fire alarm systems can help you save valuable lives in case of an unfortunate event of a fire outbreak.


Primary Functions of Fire Alarm Systems

A fire alarm system has various devices working together to detect and warn about an impending fire accident. There are four fundamental functions of fire alarm systems which are as under:


Detecting a Fire

The most basic function of fire alarm systems is to detect heat and smoke. The presence of heat and smoke indicates the possibility of flames in the proximity so that you can take prompt action before any serious damage occurs. The following initiating devices allow the system to detect fire:

  • Smoke and heat detectors detect the presence of smoke and heat. There are different types of detectors including photoelectric, ionisation and induct smoke detectors. For places where smoke detection can be difficult, you can use heat sensors to do the same job.
  • Sprinkler water flow switches detect any movement in the sprinkler system which sets off the sprinkler heat. This sends a signal to the fire alarm control panel, consequently setting off the alarm.
  • Manual pull station explain its function by its name. When someone in the building spots fire, they can manually activate a manual pull station. As a result, it sets off the fire alarm.


Alerting the Occupants of the Building

Fire alarm systems have audio and visual warnings that go off when the alarm activates. These warning signs are as under:


  • The first and most obvious warning sign is a blaring noise or an audio warning. The noise of horns, bells or chimes will alert the occupants immediately so they can evacuate the building as soon as possible.
  • It is also possible for you to configure your intercom and paging system to send out audio announcements. This allows you to instruct the occupants to evacuate the building. The audio message can be prerecorded or live through a built-in microphone.
  • Fire alarm systems also have strobe lights to send out a visual warning to the occupants about a fire emergency.
  • You can also program electronic signs like “Emergency” or brief instructions to evacuate through fire alarm systems.

Activating Safety Control Functions

A fire alarm system has different control functions that hinder the spread of fire to unaffected areas. These control functions include shutting down the HVAC equipment of the building etc. Smoke in an elevator lobby can be configured to call the cars on a set floor in case of a fire emergency.


Alerting the Fire Department

Fire alarm monitoring allows the system to send out an automatic signal to the fire department in your area. That said, not all fire alarms are capable of this function, only monitored systems can send out a signal. This function eliminates the need for you or any of the occupants to make a call to the fire department. Another benefit of this function is that even if the building is empty, the automatic signal still reaches the fire department. Therefore, the chances of property damage remain minimal.

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Top 6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Security System

Business Needs a Security SystemA business can invest a great deal on creating an attractive business premise. But if it does not invest in a good security system, there is little it can do to prevent theft and other crimes from happening. The fact that bad things can happen all the time only makes it all the more important for businesses to have a reliable commercial security system in place.

Here are the top 6 reasons why your business needs a security system:

1. Protection Against Robbery and Theft

The first and the most important reason to get security system is to protect your business from robbery and theft. If burglars find out that your business premise has security alarms and cameras, they will fear getting captured. This will discourage them from stealing or breaking into your business property.

2. Prevention of Employee Theft

Another advantage of installing security systems on your property of business is to eliminate employee theft. This is one of the biggest challenges for most businesses to deal with. Employee theft can cost businesses a considerable loss and there is almost no way to deal with it apart from installing a good security system. Hidden CCTV cameras can not only help you catch the real culprit, but they can also prevent the crime from happening altogether.

3. Professional Appearance for Your Business

A security system with cameras at your business premise is a great way to attract customers. It gives an impression of professional and ethical nature of your business. When people arrive at your office and notice security cameras, they feel secure. Moreover, they feel your business is trustworthy to buy from. Your business seems to be committed to providing security not only to your customers, but also to their personal information. This helps build trust and strong relations with your customers.

4. Saving on Property Insurance

Security systems also help businesses save on property insurance. Insurance companies offer your business insurances at lower premiums if you have a security system in place. This is due to the reason that an installed security system with cameras reduces the risk of loss at your property. Some insurance companies also offer discounts to businesses that invest in burglar and fire alarms.

5. Improvement of Company Image and Reputation

A security system at your business premise shows that safety and security of your employees is one of your top priorities. With that kind of ethical high ground, your customers and employees cannot help but be impressed by your business. This helps your business build a strong and more admirable image and reputation in the market.

6. Protection Against Liability Claims

The benefits of security systems for your business go beyond protection against burglary. In many cases, security systems with cameras protect you against liability claims. If a customer accuses your business for a problem that took place at your premise, CCTV cameras can help you resolve the issue with transparency. The footage from CCTV systems can be a valid evidence to prove that your business is not liable to their losses.

From customer information to employee security, there are many things at your company that require protection. Security systems are a smart investment for your business that allow your business to operate with minimum risks.

So, get the best security solutions from one of the most reliable service providers at Eagle Security Solutions and together, we can build a secure environment for your customers and employees.

Everything You Need to Know About Access Control Systems

Commercial access control systemLike various other changes in workplaces, how we access our offices has advanced a great deal as well. Today, we use access cards, facial recognition, thumb impressions and other techniques instead of keys. This evolutionary advancement in workplace security came about with the introduction of access control systems.

Access control systems provide quick and authorised access to those who are permissible in a building. Whether your goal is to limit access to high-security areas or you simply want to control who walks in and out of your building, an access control system is your ultimate solution.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about access control systems below:

What Are Access Control Systems?

Access control systems are a common type of security system that restrict and control entrance into premises. They can be simple or complex, depending on the needs of users. You can choose 4-digit password access or go for a more complex option like vein pattern recognition, etc.

There are different types of access control systems among which the most common ones are physical, mechanical or technological access controls. Physical access control requires a human to grant access, mechanical needs locks and keys, while technological uses different electronic ways such as card readers etc.

Three Components of Access Control Systems

As mentioned earlier, access control systems differ in their types and levels of complexity. But most common access control systems used in workplaces have three main components.

User End

The first component of access control systems is the user-facing tools, such as access cards, card readers and access control keypads. All such tools that allow a user to gain access are known as credentials. They contain user’s data, allowing the card reader to grant access through the entrance.

Administration End

The second component consists of access management dashboards and API. The administration end of the access control system is a dashboard or portal through which an administrator adjusts the settings and limitations to allow access to individuals. This process can also be automated in more advanced systems. The granting or restricting of access can be automated by simply connecting the dashboard to employees’ data.


The third and final component is the complete infrastructure which is set in place to lock or unlock the door. It consists of an electric door lock, access control panels and servers. Electronic locks have a wire to power them so that they lock or unlock electrically. Some of these types lock when they are supplied with electricity, while others unlock when supplied with electricity. They are known as fail safe locks and fail secure locks respectively.

Final Word

Physical security is the key to ensuring the safety of your business premises. But it can be much more than deadbolts, security guards and turnstile booths. If you are looking for a reliable security system for your office, you must go for more advanced options like an access control system. Reach out to Eagle Security Solutions and get a secure access control system in place for your building today!

A Checklist for CCTV Maintenance

importance of CCTV maintenance
Most house and property owners install CCTV cameras and then forget about them altogether. They only bother to check on them when a security issue comes up. You would be surprised to know that 70% of CCTV evidence is ruled out as invalid in courts due to their poor quality. The last thing you want is your investment in a CCTV system to go to waste.

So, here’s how to keep your CCTV system maintained and in the best working condition:

Where to Start?

Now that you know the importance of CCTV maintenance, the question is where to start? Like with any other functional equipment of your house or business premise, CCTV maintenance needs a solid plan.

Before you begin, reflect on your expectations from a CCTV system. Most likely it will come down to reliability, predictability and around the clock security. Once you know your expectations, draw a plan for maintenance that resonates with your expectations. Your CCTV maintenance plan should include:

  • An elaborate and overarching CCTV checklist for maintenance.
  • A well-planned schedule to carry out the maintenance regularly.
  • Developing a responsibility chain, so that your family members or employees know their responsibilities.
  • A set procedure to handle common maintenance problems.

CCTV Checklist for Maintenance

Creating a maintenance checklist for your CCTV system is incremental for optimal performance. It is one of those things where you cannot leave things to chance or compromise. That said, you must keep in mind that CCTV cameras have varying features. There is no one-for-all checklist that would stand valid for all cameras and their configurations.

However, a few common things that you need to maintain in all CCTV systems are as under:

  1. Optical Components

The optical components of CCTV systems ensure proper functioning and reduce the chances of physical wear and tear. Here are the things you must check regularly for CCTV maintenance:

  • Check if the lens focus and auto iris is adjusted accurately.
  • Ensure that the housing window is clean both on the inside and outside.
  • The camera enclosure on the inside should be clean and dry.
  • Camera field of view can often fall out of focus. Check it regularly and adjust it according to your needs.
  • Even when you have a CCTV camera in an indoor setting, the lenses can have a dust buildup over time. Check the lenses of the cameras regularly to ensure they are dust-free.
  • Assign someone in the control room to check daily that the pan tilt and zoom focus are operational.
  1. Wires and Cables

The next most important thing to check are the power cables that reach your cameras. Your cameras must be adequately connected to the power source and transmit data properly. Here are the things to keep a check on in this regard:

  • Ensure that the wiring is intact and there are no exposed wires.
  • Keep an eye on any loose or fraying wires and cables that can disrupt the power or transmission.
  • Check regularly that the devices are receiving adequate power supply.
  • Monitor the transmission of video and sound daily.
  1. Recording and Control Equipment

Your CCTV maintenance must not be limited to your cameras alone. All supporting tools, including the recording and control equipment should be operational too. Here’s how to ensure it:

  • Check the monitors to ensure that the display is clear and bright. Adjust the contrast settings if needed.
  • Clean dust or grime from the monitor with the help of a microfiber cloth.
  • Adjust and maintain the date and time stamp on the display.

CCTV maintenance can be a time-consuming task and it doesn’t mean you have to do it all by yourself. Reach out to Eagle Security Solutions for installation and maintenance of your CCTV system.

4 Security Measures Your Business Needs

Access Control Security System

Gaining access to your workplace not only gives criminals the opportunity to steal physical items but also the chance to hack into computer systems and access important information. Hence, every business needs to adopt certain security measures to protect their property, systems and most importantly, their employees.

Here are a few security measures that your business needs to take.

1. Building and Gate Access Security

The point of entry to your office is an extremely vulnerable part of your workplace. While most incidents occur after office hours when your workplace is empty, there is also a chance that unwanted individuals can enter during office hours. Hence, you need to have protected gate access security to allow only authorised individuals to enter.


One of the best solutions to this potential security threat is to introduce card-access door entry systems as they keep unauthorised people from entering the vicinity. You can introduce ID cards containing a special chip for your staff members. This ensures that only those with an ID card can access the building or office. Moreover, you can hire a security guard to monitor who is entering and exiting the premises as this will keep unwanted people from gaining access to your workplace, deterring potential security risks.


2. Installing a Business Security System and Ensuring Surveillance

Another great and highly secure option is to install a business security system at your workplace. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of hiring a security guard, a business security system is a wise move to overcome potential security threats. An efficient business security system offers alarm monitoring services, 24 hour surveillance, and alerts that notify the security company in case of potential risks. The security company will immediately dispatch help if any emergency situation arises at your workplace.

24-hour surveillance acts as a powerful deterrent against intruders. One of the most popular ways of keeping on your premises is by installing a CCTV system. These security cameras, once installed, serve as an efficient way to deter unwanted individuals from breaking and entering your office. Criminals tend to avoid places with security cameras mainly due to the fear of being caught. Moreover, if any criminal activities can be controlled during the occurrence, CCTV systems record the incident as it happens, providing evidence to the police and making it easier to catch the perpetrators.


3. Installing Exterior lights

You can also install security lights to up your security game. While this may seem like a very basic idea, it serves as a highly effective method to deter criminals that are trespassing. Burglars and intruders tend to attack properties at night mainly because it is dark. However, motion-sensing lights or automatic lights light up if anyone is within the proximity of your office, keeping criminals at bay.

Whether it’s your home or office, it is incredibly important to take certain security measures to keep any unwarranted and unwanted individuals away from your property. If you are looking for high quality burglar alarms and wireless alarm systems, then visit Eagle Security Solutions.

4 Inexpensive Ways to Protect Your Home From Burglary

Home Security SolutionsWhen it comes to the security of your house and belongings, you can never be too thorough. Most people think of home safety as installing a quality home security system. While this is true for the most part, one of the biggest concerns for most people is the high cost of burglary-deterrent tools.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to protect your house from burglary without having to pay through your nose. Read through this post to find some inexpensive ways to reinforce your safety and make a criminal pass right by your door:

1. Change Old Locks

It is incredibly important that all the locks around your house are in working condition. If you have moved into a new house or have old locks, the first thing to do is to replace the locks with new and better ones. Conduct an inventory to find out if any of the locks are damaged or are easier to break for intruders. If there is a possibility that other people might have extra keys of your lock, it is time to change the locks. Choose more tamper-proof locks, especially for exterior doors.

2. Deter Burglars With Security Lights

The darkness around your place can give a perfect opportunity to burglars and intruders to slip in. Security lights are the right solution to this problem. They put a spotlight on any movement outside your property and the visibility alone keeps burglars at bay.

A security light with PIR motion sensor can help you detect movement outside your house within the area that the PIR covers. You can also use indoor versions to detect burglars if by any chance they find their way inside your house.

3. Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are one of those home security solutions that not only works as a deterrent, but it also helps you get justice if it comes to that. You might have heard stories of burglars being arrested with the help of security camera footage. That said, they can also help you detect the movement of intruders to prevent any break in.

If you have the budget, you can go for security cameras that are a part of a complete home security system. You can also install only the cameras to serve this purpose just as well. Regardless of your choice, it is best to buy one with a mobile app. This will allow you to see the footage in real time and save it if you ever need to file a report.

4. Know Who’s at Your Door

It is important to remember that you must never open your door unless you are sure who is outside. A peephole can help you see who is outside but they are not always effective. Most peepholes are so tiny that you might not clearly see who is outside. Besides, an intruder can hide slightly to keep you from identifying who is at your door. Different inexpensive security solutions like wireless intercoms, ring video doorbells etc. can help avoid this uncertainty.

Final Word

Most of the items recommended in this post can be bought together in a comprehensive home security system. A security system might be a bit expensive but it ensures your safety and security. It is a one-time investment that provides your house around-the-clock protection. That said, you can find the best inexpensive burglary-deterrent tools at Eagle Security Solutions.

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