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Risco Wireless Security Alarm Systems – Agility 4 & WiComm Pro

Risco Security Alarm Systems

Risco Agility & WiComm Wireless Home Security Alarms

Risco Agility 4 and WiComm Pro are smart  wireless alarm systems that allow you to monitor your home via smartphone app. Both systems are equipped with a sleek, two-way wireless LCD keypad with integrated proximity reader for arming or disarming.

Agility 4 is flexible and adaptable and provides complete protection against intrusion and safety hazards. It communicates with Risco Cloud and supports visual verification via mobile app, enabling homeowner to control the system from remote locations.

Agility 4


Risco Agility 4 Wireless Alarm with IP Module

Smart wireless home alarm with Panda keypad and mobile app.

£699        Buy Now

Agility 4 Visual Alarm Verification with IP

Wireless home alarm with smart keypad and visual verification PIR cameras

£839        Buy Now

Wireless Home Security with Outdoor Camera

Wireless home security alarm with outdoor IP camera and mobile app.

£869        Buy Now

Risco Agility 3 Wireless Alarm with GSM Module

Stay connected with wireless home alarm with GSM and mobile app.

£749       Buy Now

WiComm Pro

WiComm Pro is a professional high-end security, featuring WiFi capability, enhanced range and complete ptotection against intrusion and safety hazards. Both Agility 4 and WiComm Pro are suitably complemented by the added features from LightSYS 2 and GT Plus.

WiComm Smart Home Alarm with Sounder

Professional and affordable wireless home security system

£695        Buy Now

Risco WiComm Smart Home Security

Reliable home security with Wi-fi and mobile app

£595        Buy Now

Wireless WiComm Home Alarm

Simple and smart wireless home alarm ideal for a flat or small office.

£540        Buy Now

LightSYS 2 & GT Plus

The professional hybrid solution for homes and small businesses that is flexible and reliable. LightSYS 2 and GT Plus feature an advanced scalable control panel, hybrid wired and wireless devices and live video verification solution.

LightSYS 2 Hybrid Security Alarm System

Professional and flexible security alarm ideal for an upgrade.

£695        Buy Now

GT Plus Hybrid System with Elegant Keypad

Scalable security alarm with eyeWave PIR camera and Beyond PIR.

£699        Buy Now



  • Wireless zones up to 32
  • PIR Camera up to 8
  • User codes up to 32
  • Remote Controls up to 8 (4 button or 8 buttons)
  • Keypads (2-way) up to 3
  • Self monitoring app gives customers full control
  • Event log: 1000 entries
  • Smartphone app and web browser for video verification, arm/disarm, control and monitoring the system
  • Email: Event and images notification
  • SMS: Event notification and remote control
  • Push notifications, live video stream with recording capabilities
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):268.5 x 219.5 x 64 mm


  • Up to 32 wireless zones
  • Wireless frequencies: 868 MHz
  • Camera frequency: 869.525 MHz
  • User codes up to 32
  • Follow-Me destinations up to 16
  • Event log: 1000 entries
  • PIRs / PIR cameras up to 8
  • Keyfobs / remote controls up to 8
  • Keypads up to 3
  • SMS: Event notification and remote control
  • Smartphone app and web browser for video verification, arm/disarm, control and monitoring the system


  • Zones: 8 to 50 wired or wireless. Up to 32 RISCO Bus Detectors
  • Flexible communication from within the control unit
  • Plug-in, GSM/GPRS and IP modules, onboard PSTN
  • Live Video Verification
  • User codes: 30
  • Event log: 1000 entries/li>
  • Keypads: Up to 4 wired
  • 2-Way wireless Slim Keypads: Up to 4
  • Wireless Keyfobs: 16 (1-way or 2-way keyfobs)
  • Proximity Key Readers: 8
  • Follow-me destinations: 16
  • Cloud connectivity backup to prevent system loss


  • Professional Grade 2/3 security solution with visual verification
  • Ultimate scalability: 8-512 zones in one panel
  • Wide range of wired and wireless detectors
  • Smartphone App control including alarm notification via RISCO Cloud
  • Communication options include Wi-Fi and multi-socket 2G/3G
  • Compatible with eyeWAVE PIR Cam and Beyond DT Cam
  • RisControl – an intuitive touchscreen tablet keypad
  • Wireless Video Receiver
  • VUpoint video solution: NVR and IP cameras for Live Video Verification and recording

VUpoint IP Video Solution

A variety of IP cameras & NVRs integrated with RISCO’s security systems for real time alarm verification, live view and recording.

Risco VUpoint 4MP PoE Bullet Camera

Wi-Fi camera with high resolution of up to 4MP.

£145        Buy Now

VUpoint 4MP PoE Dome Camera

4 Megapixel, 1/2.7” CMOS, Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)

£145        Buy Now

4MP PoE VUpoint Eyeball Camera

Built-in IR LED with IR distance up to 30 metres.

£149        Buy Now

VUpoint NVR 4 CH Full P2P

Superior plug & play recording system with alarm verification.

£205        Buy Now


Agility Wireless Door Contact

Ideal for wireless perimeter door/window protection in home and small business.

£65  Buy Now

Risco 4 Button Wireless Keyfob

Handy pocket size two-way remote control for arm/disarm and panic attack.

£55  Buy Now

Risco Wireless 2-Button PA Pendant

2-button panic pendant, includes a handy belt-clip and keyring.

£65 Buy Now

2-way Wireless Slim LED Keypad

Wireless 2-way slim LED keypad, features full system user operation with door chime.

£99 Buy Now

Wireless 2-way Indoor Sounder

An aesthetically designed, 2-way and fully wireless internal sounder.

£99 Buy Now

Wireless Shock Detector

Incorporates an advanced shock detector and a door/window contact.

£69 Buy Now

Agility iWave Wireless PIR

An indoor motion detector that can distinguish between the movement of human and pets.

£79 Buy Now

Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector

Combined smoke and heat detector with built-in test button that allows early fire detection.

£115 Buy Now

eyeWave Wireless PIR Camera

Detects and sends event images directly to the iRisco app on your smartphone.

£155 Buy Now

XS3D Wireless External Sounder

Stylish two-way wireless external sounder with squawk notifications.

£139 Buy Now

Wireless Panda Keyfob

2-way wireless keyfob in contemporary, compact and streamlined design.

£55 Buy Now

Piccolo Wireless PIR Pet Sensor

A small and stylish wireless motion detector for residential use.

£75  Buy Now

Elegant Keypad with Prox Reader

A contemporary, touchscreen keypad that is extremely responsive and reliable.

£145  Buy Now

Panda Wireless Keypad

Wireless keypad compatible with Agility 4, WiComm and WiComm Pro.

£149  Buy Now

WatchOut PIR Outdoor Detector

Reliable outdoor detector with PIR and microwave channels for better false alarm immunity.

£179 Buy Now