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Honeywell Galaxy Accenta & Optima Alarms Installation

Honeywell Security Alarms

Honeywell Galaxy Intruder Alarms, Accenta and ADE Optima for Home and Business

Honeywell Galaxy intruder alarm series are the ideal solution to protect homes and small businesses. They offer the convenience and flexibility of a hybrid system with part wired and wireless security solution. Central to their wireless platform is RF-portal, a two-way advanced wireless interface which is externally wired or a built-in to the Galaxy panel.

Galaxy Flex is scalable and features an integrated hybid intruder alarm and access control solution, based on trusted Galaxy technology. It offers remote monitoring by an Alarm Receiving Centre as well as facility for self-monitoring and user control via smartphone app.

Honeywell Galaxy intruder alarms have shown proven reliability for home and commercial security. The systems comply with BS EN50131, PD6662 & BS 8243:2017 and BS 6799 Class 6 wire-free intruder alarm systems.

Honeywell Galaxy


Honeywell G2 Wireless Bells Only Alarm

12 zones intruder alarm with the flexibility of a wired, wireless or hybrid solutions.

£740       Buy Now

Galaxy G2 Wireless Monitored Alarm

Reliable intruder alarm, ideal solution to protect residential and small commercial sites.

£845       Buy Now

Wireless Galaxy Flex with Ethernet Module

Fully integrated intruder and access control security solution for home or small business.

£945       Buy Now

Accenta and Optima

Honeywell Accenta G4 with LED Keypad

8 programmable Zone, LED Keypad and quick set feature.

£340       Buy Now

Accenta G4 Mini with LCD Keypad

Gen4 8 zone control panel complete with a simple to use LCD keypad.

£375       Buy Now

Honeywell ADE Optima Compact G4

Compact Gen4 8 Zone security alarm panel with integral keypad.

£295       Buy Now


TCC8M Wireless Key Fob

Four-button Compact 2-Way Keyfob with RF range up to 50m.

£75 Buy Now

D08M Wireless Door Contact

Compact wireless magnetic contact for door and window.

£75 Buy Now

DT8M Wireless Dual Tec Motion Sensor

Reliable dual-tech protection with superior false alarm immunity.

£135 Buy Now

FG8M Wireless Glass Brake Sensor

Perfect inner perimeter protection for premises with glass windows.

£110 Buy Now

Honeywell Galaxy MK8 Keyprox

Sleek and stylish keypad with integrated proximity reader.

£185 Buy Now

Honeywell YX0-0020 Proximity Tag

Grey ASK proximity keytag to set and unset Honeywell Galaxy intruder alarm.

£15 Buy Now

Activ8 8IR103 PIR/Pet Sensor

Simple, reliable and cost effective detection for residential or small business.

£59 Buy Now

Wireless Dual Push Panic Button

2 Button panic function with status LED and 4 years battery life.

£79 Buy Now

IR8M Wireless PIR Motion Sensor

Passive infrared sensor with pet-immunity for animals weighing up to 36Kg.

£85 Buy Now

Galaxy CP038 MK7 LCD Keyprox

Combined LCD Keypad proximity card reader suitable for use in all Galaxy systems.

£165 Buy Now