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Alarm Monitoring Service for Home and Commercial Alarms

Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring Service for Home and Commercial Alarms

We know how important it is to protect your home or business at all times, that’s why we recommend alarm monitoring for your home or commercial alarm system. A home alarm can be monitored 24/7 providing key-holders alert and an annual maintenance service from 60p a day. A commercial alarm can enjoy the benefits of monitoring with key-holders alert and police response and twice a year routine inspections from 80 pence a day.

We work in close partnership with Southern Monitoring Services (SMS) and Advanced Independent Monitoring (AIM) for providing monitoring services for our customers.

How alarm monitoring works

alarm monitoring process

Alarm monitoring ensures that your alarm system won’t be ignored. Your security system will be connected to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via telephone, GSM/GPRS, IP or a combination of these methods. When the ARC receives an alarm signal resulting from burglary, fire or personal attack from the protected premises, the ARC immediately alerts the key-holders. If the ARC receives further signals from the protected premises within 60 minutes of the earlier signal, the police will be alerted. Police response will be subject to a unique reference number (URN) which had been issued to the protected premises by the police.

What you get from alarm monitoring service:

  • Around the clock monitoring 24/7
  • NSI Gold certified Alarm Receiving Centre
  • Reliable service providing peace of mind 24 hours a day.
  • Help desk support
  • Police response on confirmed alarm
  • Fire authority response to fire alarm
  • Key holder response (key holders alert via a call, text message and/or email )
  • Routine inspection services twice a year
  • Remote resets
  • Events log
  • Availability of engineers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Regular review of security needs

Monitored alarm systems

Benefits of a monitored alarm

  • A monitored alarm with a valid unique reference number can receive police response to a confirmed alarm activation. This provides peace of mind particularly when the home owner is away or the business premises is closed.
  • Personal attack alarm will be immediately policed, knowing that help is on its way.
  • Fire alarm signal will generate an emergency response by the fire bridgade, assuring that lives can be saved.
  • Keyholders are regularly alerted of any faults or activations resulting from the alarm at the protected premises.
  • Faults may be resolved via remote diagnosis without the need for an engineer to attend, so saving time and money.
  • Monitored alarm system is recommended by home and business insurers.

Alarm signalling options:

Your alarm can be monitored via various signalling methods such as:

Digital communicator (Digicom) which works as a single path via a telephone line connection. It is vulnerable to line fault and subject to call charges. It utilises the old and obsolote PSTN technology which is no longer recommended.

Dualcom DigiAir which works as a single path communicator over GSM/GPRS network and incorporates a World SIM as standard. It does not attract call charges and it presents a much better and reliable solution to the traditional digital communicator.

Redcare Essensial Basic works as a single path radio communicator over GSM/GPRS network and incorporates 4G SIM as standard. Essential IP adopts the broadband technology for its single-path communication. With no call charges, Essential Basic and IP are reliable solutions for the low risk premises and an affordable alternative to Digicom. Essential Extra is a dual-path signalling with two 4G SIMs and ideal for low and medium risk sites.

Redcare Advanced is a highly recommended dual path alarm signalling method for the fire and security industry. It signals over a combination of IP and 4G and is ideal for medium to high risk sites. BT Redcare ensures that the integrity of the link between a monitored alarm system and the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is protected and active continuously.

Dualcom Gradeshift Pro provides multiple signalling paths including GPRS and IP and incorporates 4G WorldSIMs as standard. CSL Gradeshift variants include G2, G3, G4.

Webway provides a secure and encrypted transmission from the alarm system to the Alarm Receiving Centre over internet, radio or combination of both.

Emizon IP provides dual-path alarm signalling via broadband, covering Grade 2, 3 and 4