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Visonic Wireless Security Alarm Systems for Home & Business

Visonic Wireless Security Alarm Systems

Visonic Wireless Home Security Alarm Systems

Visonic is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative security technologies and solutions for residential, small business and light commercial premises. The PowerMaster series is Visonic’s cutting-edge line of professional wireless intrusion alarm systems. Powered by PowerG wireless technology, Powermaster features two-way communication, long transmission range and a wide range of PowerG wireless peripherals.

We are a certified installer of Visonic’s wireless security alarm systems in UK, providing protection for homes and businesses.

Visonic Powermaster


The PowerMaster series provide improved wireless detection range, prolonged battery life and reliable visual verification solution. The series include PM-10, PM-30, PM-33, GTX, GT64 and 360R. Powermaster 30 and 33 are ideal professional wireless security systems for high-end residential and commercial applications. Click here for Powermaster alarm maintenance.

Visonic Powermaster GTX PG2 Wireless Home Alarm

PM-GTX PG2 Wireless Home Alarm

Simple and secure wireless home alarm system, ideal for a basic system.

£540        Buy Now

Visonic Powermaster PG2 Wireless Home Alarm

Wireless PM-GT64 PG2 Home Alarm

Professional security alarm system for residential or small business.

£570         Buy Now

Visonic PowerMaster--10 PG2 Wireless Intruder Alarm System

PM-10 PG2 Wireless Intruder Alarm System

Compact wireless home security and safety system with options.

£599        Buy Now

Visonic PowerMaster-10 Wireless Alarm System With IP

PowerMaster-10 Wireless Alarm System With IP

Advanced and compact wireless alarm with smartphone connectivity.

£699        Buy Now

Visonic Powermaster-360R IP WIFI Wireless Security Alarm Fully Fitted

Powermaster-360R WiFi Wireless Security Alarm

Advanced WiFi security alarm system with home automation capabilities.

£829        Buy Now

Visonic PowerMaster 33 Distributed Wireless Alarm System

PM-33 PG2 Wireless Intruder Alarm System IP

Outstanding wireless system suitable for residential and small business.

£869        Buy Now

Visonic PowerMaster-30 Wireless Security Alarm System & Installation

Wireless PM-30 PG2 Security Alarm System IP

Professional security system suitable for alarm monitoring applications.

£899        Buy Now

Visonic GSM Wireless Home Fire Protection and Safety Alarm

Home Fire Protection and Safety Alarm with GSM

Wireless smoke and heat detection system with panic button for home.

£849        Buy Now


Powermaster system utilises the latest Visonic Power-G wireless technology with a unique combination of advanced features, reliability and performance.

  • Robust and reliable Power-G technology
  • Advanced radio technology provides high transmission range
  • Multi-channel frequencies enable high immunity to interference
  • Supports visual verification of burglars and personal attack alarms
  • Provide for advanced PIR motion detector with integrated camera and audio
  • Video images can be forwarded to alarm owner via email or Mobile App
  • Provides real time capture of alarm events for central monitoring station
  • Reduces cost by avoiding responses to false alarms
  • Works as a standalone or retro fit to existing hard-wired or wireless alarm system
  • Up to 5 years battery life for system devices and peripherals
  • Utilises PSTN, GSM/GPRS and IP communication modules
  • Complies with EN 50131, PD 6662 and BS 8243:2010

Visual Alarm Verification

Visonic Powermaster systems with integrated cameras provide a unique visual verification that delivers alarm snapshots directly to the owner’s mobile devices. It enables the assessment of the alarm activation to determine whether the alarm is real or false. In the event of burglary the snapshots will provide images that can be passed to the police.

Visonic PowerMaster-10 Wireless Alarm With Integrated Cameras

Visonic Wireless Alarm with Integrated Cameras

Compact alarm system with cameras, coonected to smartphone via IP.

£839        Buy Now

Visonic RealAlarm Visual Verification With GSM & Installation

Visual Alarm Verification System with GSM

Combined alarm and PIR cameras with smartphone connectivity via GSM.

£869        Buy Now

Visonic PowerMaster-33 Wireless Security System With Integrated Cameras

PM-33 Visual Alarm Verification System IP

Advanced system ideal for business and high-end residential applications.

£1079        Buy Now

Visonic PowerMaster-30 Wireless Visual Verification Security System

Powermaster-30 Visual Verification System IP

Professional IP wireless system with PIR cameras linked to smartphone.

£1079        Buy Now

Visonic Powermax

The series include Powermax Complete, Express and Pro which are currently discontinued by Visonic. Although those systems still in use may continue to function, we would recommend an upgrade to the new PowerMaster. We offer repairs and maintenance services for the old Powermax alarm series at competitive price. Click here for Powermax alarm maintenance.


Visonic MC 303 Wireless Door and Window Contact

MC 303 Wireless Door Contact

Slim and discreet magnetic contact used primarily for protecting doors and windows.

£69  Buy Now

Visonic MP-802 PG2 PIR Detector

Visonic MP-802 PG2 PIR Detector

Reliable motion and temperature detection in one attractive indoor device.

£75 Buy Now

Visonic Tower 32AM PG2 Mirror Dual Tech Pet Motion Detector

Tower 32AM PG2 Dual Tech Detector

Combines advanced PIR with K-band microwave detection to reduce false alarms.

£120 Buy Now

Visonic Powermaster PG2 KP-241 Wireless Prox Keypad

KP-241 PG2 Wireless Keypad

Wireless, two-way keypad for easy arming and disarming of PowerMaster alarm systems.

£95  Buy Now

Visonic KP-250 PG2 LCD Keypad Prox

Visonic KP-250 PG2 LCD Keypad Prox

Stylish and easy to use two-way wireless keypad with built-in proximity reader.

£185  Buy Now

Visonic PB-102 PG2 Wireless 2-Buttons Panic Button

PB-102 PG2 Wireless Panic Button

Two push-buttons designed for emergency and control applications in supervised wireless security systems.

£59  Buy Now

Visonic SD-304 PG2 Wireless Shock Sensor

SD-304 Wireless Shock Sensor

Perimeter protection and early warning of an attempted intrusion for residential and commercial premises.

£79  Buy Now

MC-302 MC-302E PG2 Wireless Door Contact

MC-302E Wireless Door Contact

Fully supervised two-way magnetic contact transmitter, designed primarily for protecting doors and windows.

£69  Buy Now

KF-235 PG2 Slim Key Fob

KF-235 PG2 Slim Key Fob

One-click arming/disarming, emergency signalling, panic alarm and checking of system status.

£45 Buy Now

Visonic MC-312 PG2 Wireless Outdoor Magnetic Contact

MC-312 External Wireless Contact

Provides exceptional outdoor protection of windows, gates, and doors in extreme weather conditions.

£125  Buy Now

Next CAM PG2 Wireless PIR with Integrated Camera

NextCAM Wireless PIR Camera

Two-way, wireless photo detector that provides the perfect solution for visual alarm verification.

£179 Buy Now

Visonic SMD-429 PG2 Wireless Smoke & Heat Detector

SMD-429 Smoke & Heat Detector

Provides accurate early fire warning, with audio and visual alerts, when smoke or high temperature is detected.

£125  Buy Now

Visonic Powermaster MP-862 PG2 360° Ceiling Wireless PIR

MP-862 PG2 360° Ceiling Wireless PIR

Wireless 360° Ceiling-mount PIR Detector delivers superior motion detection from every angle.

£120  Buy Now

Visonic GB-502 PG2 Glass Break Detector

Visonic GB-502 PG2 Glass Break Detector

Two-way wireless acoustic glass-break detector for windows and glass doors for Powermaster alarms.

£130  Buy Now

Visonic SR-740 HEX PG2 Wireless Outdoor Hexagon Siren

SR-740 Hex PG2 Outdoor Siren

Sleek design and robust weatherproof housing with loud 105 dBA piezo and high power strobe light.

£135  Buy Now