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Fire Alarm Systems | Fire Protection for Homes and Businesses

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm for Home & Business

Professionally installed fire alarm system can help to protect your home or business against fire incidents, and save lives. Fire alarms are mainly standalone systems, however, they can be integrated in to the access control systems, particularly in commercial premises.

We provide the installation and maintenance of fire and smoke alarm systems for homes and businesses at a competitive price.

Fire alarm systems

We supply, install, and maintain a range of conventional and addressable fire alarm systems for domestic and commercial premises. We offer fire alarm panels such as C-Tec, Gent Xenex, and FireSmart. In addition, we provide a range of smoke, heat and beam detectors, sounders, and call points.

It is recommended that fire alarm should be serviced at regular intervals. Please contact us for more information about our installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems.

C-Tec Conventional 2 Zone CFP Panel

Industry standard conventional fire alarm panel.

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C-Tec 2 Zone Conventional with Apollo Detectors

C-Tec CFP control panel and Apollo Series 65 detectors.

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2 Zone C-Tec Conventional with Hochiki Detectors

4-wire CFP control panel and the renowned Hochiki detectors,.

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FireSmart 2 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm

Fire alarm features both audible and visual alarm devices.

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Smoke Detectors

Most domestic smoke detectors run on batteries and it is worrying that if the batteries run out, the detector will become inactive. Safer types of smoke detectors are those connected to the house mains electricity supply and include battery back up to ensure operation in the event of a power failure. Installation of these smoke detectors must be carried out by a competent electrician or fire protection engineer.

We can supply and install a range of smoke detectors such as ionisation, optical, and heat detectors, as well as CO detector.

We provide fire alarm monitoring service through our Alarm Receiving Centre partner, Southern Monitoring Service. Alarm monitoring ensures that your fire alarm will not be ignored, and can generate a swift response from the Fire Bridgade..

Apollo 65 Series Optical Smoke Detector

Responds well to slow-burning, smouldering fires, suitable for bedrooms.

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Alarmsense HEAT DET A1R with Sounder Base

Detects rise in temperature, suitable for applications where smoke detectors are unsuitable.

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Apollo X95 Series Optical Smoke Detector

Reliable fire detection in areas with a wide temperature range from -20°C to +60°C

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Hochiki Conventional Optical Smoke Detector

SOC-E3N is a conventional photoelectric smoke detector from Hochiki.

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Alarmsense Call Point 2-Wire Alarmsense MCP

The manual call point has been designed to operate on an AlarmSense two-wire loop.

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Klaxon Horn Conventional Sonos Red Shallow Base

Klaxon is an ideal sounder to use on conventional fire alarm sounder circuits.

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Apollo Addressable Intelligent Manual Call Point in Red

Manual call point designed to operate on a loop of intelligent fire detection devices.

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Alarmsense SOUNDER 2-WIRE AlarmSense Red

Red open area wall mounted sounder specifically designed for use with 2-wire fire alarms.

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