5 Safety Tips for Your Home’s Security When Going on Vacation

5 Safety Tips for Your Home’s Security When Going on Vacation

Between the years 2011 to 2012, around 489,450 burglaries were reported in the UK. New reports show that there has been an increase of 13% in the crime rate this year alone. The Office for National Statistics reports that around 10.8 million criminal incidents have been reported all over the UK in 2017. The main reason that can be reported for these criminal offences is unmonitored houses and inadequate security systems.
Following are five home security measures that you need to take before you go on a vacation:


1. No More Keys under the Rug or Flower Pot

72% of the burglars enter the house through the front door, which means that by keeping the key under the rug or the flower pot, you are giving them full access to your house. For burglar-proof safety, get a door entry system that will immediately alert the authorities in case of an unauthorised entry.


2. Install Alarm Away From the Window

Installing security systems outside the house in plain sight is all well and good in keeping the burglars away, but installing burglar alarms and wireless alarm systems inside the house near the windows is like inviting trouble. This will give the burglar an idea about the type of alarm it is and they might easily disable it. Keep these alarms away from sight and install them at a high place.


3. Use Smart Alarms to Create an Illusion

Smart alarms, such as the Honeywell Galaxy and Risco Agility provide homeowners with a smart solution by creating an illusion of the house being occupied while they are away on vacation. According to the Office for National Statistics, most burglaries occur during the night. These alarm systems can be wirelessly connected with other appliances in the house. This way, you can keep the lights on with a digital timer and scare the burglars away.


4. Install the Perfect Combination of Bright Lights, CCTV System and Motion Sensors outside the House

These three security measures make the perfect recipe for scaring a burglar away. The CCTV system will serve as a warning and even then, if the burglars try to enter the house, they will trip the motion sensors and the lights will come on. This will not only alert the authorities but also the neighbours, who will scare them away.


5. Keep All Tools, Especially the Ladder Away from the House

Are you one of those people who leave their tool box out in the backyard? If you haven’t faced any problem yet, then it’s time to take some precautions to make your house safe. These tools can be used by burglars to enter your house, especially a ladder, which can be used to have access to the attic window. This is why, we previously mentioned to install the cameras as high as possible.


Nowadays, you will find multiple burglar alarms and wireless alarm systems in a house. Ensuring that each area of the house is protected requires different types of alarms such as a fire alarm in the kitchen and a carbon monoxide alarm near your gas pipelines. If you are looking for such security systems, then visit Eagle Security Solutions. Their inventory offers residential alarms and business security systems including commercial alarms.

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