5 Ways to Prevent Theft in Offices

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There are various measures taken in offices to ensure that no intruders get access to confidential areas. Such areas usually contain sensitive information and a potential data breach may cause extreme harm to the organisation. Apart from intruders, office employees can also take part in stealing supplies. Whether the activities are performed intentionally or by mistake, it is recommended to improve measures for enhanced security.

Following measures can help with the prevention of theft in offices:


Entry System:

Advanced entry systems should be installed outside the main gate as well as in certain rooms where private documents and confidential data records are stored. In this way, only the authorized staff will be able to enter the premises. Visitors have to share their information with the receptionist, and after authentication, they can be directed to the required room. The restriction of access for unauthorised people prevents data theft and ensures that the supplies at desks do not get stolen.


Surveillance System:

Efficient surveillance system should be implemented within office buildings to keep an eye on suspicious activities. Usually, security cameras are installed in every room that record live videos from different angles. These video can be viewed on screens present in a room and are recorded too. Security staff is responsible to monitor all the screens and take quick actions against suspicious intruders. In case of any incident, the recordings can be checked later to analyse the actual situation.


Identification of Unauthorised Visitors:

Office employees should stay alert and take appropriate actions on seeing an unauthorised person near the working area. Either ask them about the purpose of roaming around or report to the security staff. They should be asked about the person they are supposed to meet and direct them to the respective room. Make sure that the documents or other important items are safe around the area they were present. Delaying the action gives burglars the opportunity of stealing anything they get their hands on.


Document Protection:

All the important documents in the office should be placed in a secure room. Make sure that the room is locked and only relevant and reliable employees have access to it. Install locks that are built with modern technology and cannot be broken easily. Use alarms that can notify about breaking of locks. Certain documents contain private information about the company and its employees and customers. Providing access to unauthorised users can make the company fall prey to data theft and privacy breach.


Office Supplies:

Just like intruders, some office employees may also be inflicting damage upon the company. They steal the office supplies provided by the company due to which the organisation has to invest more in replacing the items. Moreover, some employees leak confidential information to the competitors of the business in order to gain some financial benefits. Advanced security systems help in dealing with these issues.

Business offices should be kept secure to prevent unforeseen incidents and ensure smooth business operations. Professional security services such as those offered by Eagle Security Solutions can be acquired to get a customised security system for your home or office. These systems assist in monitoring suspicious activities in real-time so that appropriate actions can be taken in time.

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