6 Fundamental Crime Prevention Measures

importance of CCTV maintenance

Security of your home and workplace is of paramount importance when you want to stay out of harm’s way. By taking appropriate security measures, you can secure all your properties successfully from any potential harm. This, in turn, protects you and your loved ones significantly from the exposed criminal threats.


These are the 6 fundamental prevention measures you must follow to reduce the crime rate on your properties:


1- Install a CCTV Security System

The first preventive measure for halting an intruder from trespassing into your property is to install a CCTV camera on the front porch where it could be seen easily. The presence of a physical camera deters the criminals away as they don’t want to get in view of the security camera. Consult the Eagle Security Solutions to get the best HD and high-resolution CCTV security cameras installed in your place.


2- Inaugurate Security Lights

Darkness around the property provides a perfect cover for anyone to break into your home or business place without getting detected. That’s why it is essential to light up your parking lot and front porch with PIR motion sensor lights. The bright light keeps the troublemakers away and detects all movements in case of unusual activities.


3- Cut off the Vulnerable Access Points

Make sure there are no vulnerable entry points to your home. For instance, if there are stray branches of a tree that may be leading to any of your windows, trim them immediately. Or, if there are bricks or ladders in your lawn, change their placements to a more secure location where intruders can’t get to them.


4- Make Your Place Look Occupied At All Times

Once you leave your home or workplace, the dark building looks more approachable to the criminals. Using a timer to occasionally turn the lights and radio system on and off make the place seem occupied, which deters the criminals away.


5- Remove the Luxuries Out of Sight

Placing your expensive items in plain view increases the chances of your place getting robbed. If there is a car garage in your place, make use of that instead of the parking lot. Also, don’t leave your home electronics, like laptops, in direct view from your window, as they get targeted and often become the cause of a criminal danger.


6- Invest In a Doorbell Camera

Installing a doorbell camera is also an excellent crime prevention measure as it is physically visible to the person out front. You can also watch the activities outside your home through the mobile application connected with the doorbell camera. Regularly checking the door before you answer it also reduces the chances of forced entry in your place.

Ensuring every physical security aspect in your home and place of business is essential if you want to secure it from all kinds of crimes. Our expert team at Eagle Security Solutions conducts a proper survey of your property before planning a security system that is just right for you. For further information, you can get in contact with our team right now.

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