Access Control Systems: Company Security

In the world of company security, there are ever changing technologies that strive to keep companies safe from theft, vandalism and espionage on a regular, day to day and minute to minute basis. Most companies have some sort of security system in place, sometimes they control the comings and goings of everyone while other times they have CCTV cameras to monitor things in general. All companies all over the world have detailed security systems in place. Some companies even have all of the above mentioned security options. Access control systems are perhaps one of the most common and comprehensive company security systems available.

Access control systems are those security systems that are designed to authorise only certain people to be in a particular area. Sometimes these areas are restricted at particular times, sometimes in general, depending on the company. Access control systems are a security system setup that is used in companies and organisations all over the world. Company security is a critically important issue in order to protect the business and all of its interests. Good company security also protects employees while they are on the premises and protecting the company’s assets at the same time.

When companies use access control systems, they can be implemented in several different ways. Sometimes it is only one door that is controlled, sometimes multiple doors are networked and then parking lot gates can even be included as well. This just depends on the wishes of the company’s security managers. Two popular options for controlling the various doors and gates are keypads or card readers. Keypads are where the employee allowed in the area simply enters a code and the door unlocks. This option is not as common as it used to be, for it is too easy for the code to be written down and lost or even passed along to someone not authorised or no longer authorised.

The most common method for door access control systems is the card reader. Each authorised employee has a proximity card, tag or fob that must be swiped at the entrances on the various doors and gates on the company premises. This is very effective in that if an employee’s proximity card is lost, it is easy to deactivate and a new one can be issued. In the case of people who are no longer authorised, the proximity card, tag or fob can simply be deactivated and deleted from the system. Access control systems are the most widely used and effective security systems for organisations around the world.

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