All the Right Places to Install CCTV Camera

Home and commercial security measures do not solely depend on alarm and door entry systems. Granted that these security measures play their own role in crime prevention, but a place is never secure until the owners have a direct view of what is happening in every nook and corner of the house or building. Without CCTV systems, the causes for alarms will only create chaos and keep the concerned people completely blindsided to what is unfolding.
That said, on top of realising the importance of having CCTV cameras, their placement and positioning is also something which matters. A camera facing a wall can hardly do anyone any good as it does not provide a clear view of the area. Now the question is that what are all these places in a house and in any small commercial building which should have a camera? Allow us to bring you up to date.


Rear Entryway

Starting with the backdoor, it is one of the highest victims of human carelessness. Back doors often end up remaining open all night, and more than 20% thieves use it as their opportunity to strike. A camera there will not only warn the occupants about a certain figure roaming around the premises, but will also help them keep an eye on any suspicious activity going on behind the house.



Most houses have a large backyard, an area which should also be monitored. The larger and greener a backyard is, the more chances bandits have of attempting to break in. A surveillance camera, paired with motion sensor security lights, will instantly make the place safer for the people inside and dangerous for the crooks. With so many features in CCTV cameras, the one which offers night vision also works perfectly in this part of the house as well as that of commercial buildings.



Another potential point of entry for thieves is through the windows facing away from the streets. The seclusion and isolation provide a perfect opportunity for burglars to break in. It would be smart to install a security camera here. Don’t forget to make sure that there are enough lights to make the visuals clear or all those cameras would be good for nothing, with just a black or pixilated screen for you to see.


Any and All Points of Entry

Some houses and commercial buildings have more than one point of entry, and burglars always keep an eye out for one which is least secure. This only means that security measures there should be more stringent. This includes side doors and all other areas of entry and exit.


Getting Professionals to do the Job

A pro tip for those dealing with security measures for the first time; it is not only the type and position of the CCTV camera that asks for one to seek an expert opinion. The way in which the camera is fitted also needs attention, something which only professional security installer can take care of. We are referring to the height and direction of the camera. A camera should be installed high enough so that no one can easily reach it and tamper with it. On the other hand, it is also imperative to keep it in plain sight so that thieves never even get a chance to try and break in.

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