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ADT is one of the largest security system providers worldwide, and finding an ADT authorised dealer for your security system is important. Authorised dealers provide the means for you to protect your home or business from fire and intruders, ensuring that you, your family, your valuables, or your business is kept safe when trouble strikes. Here, we’ll go over how using an ADT security system can benefit you, as well as how authorised dealers work.

An ADT alarm system can be installed at a home or business. Home security systems are linked to entry points such as windows and doors. In the event that an intruder forces entry through one of these points, the alarm will be triggered. This will not only alert the intruder that they have set off an alarm (which in almost every case will cause them to flee the premises), but will also contact authorities to respond. Business security systems work in much the same way, but can be connected to a central security area via cameras, which is then monitored by security personnel. Having an ADT authorised dealer can allow you to customize the security measures you install.

ADT authorised dealer programs are essentially those in which independent security dealers install a security system, which is then monitored by ADT. This allows you to use whichever type of ADT security products you like, giving you a greater degree of choice when it comes to your security. Purchases made through an ADT dealer, much like those made through ADT itself, require a term contract of thirty-six months. The exception to this rule is where the fixed thirty-six months contract term is reduced for circumstantial reasons by ADT local branch managers to twenty-four months minimum contract.

Contacting an ADT authorised dealer can, in many cases, make the difference between tragedy and safety. If you are concerned about the safety of your home, then having an ADT security system can put you at ease. Security systems benefit you not only when you or your family is at home (and therefore at physical risk), but also when nobody is there to protect the home. In the event of a break in while you are not at home, ADT will notify you to ensure that you are safe and to inform you that your home’s security has been compromised. By signing up for a home or business security system, you can protect yourself and your business from those that would cause you harm.

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