Commercial Fire Alarm – Protecting your Business from Fire

A fire alarm system installed at your business can protect valuable information and equipment from damage. A professionally installed commercial fire alarm system can not only prevent damage to your business but save lives as well. You can integrate all your alarm needs by getting fire and burglar alarms or access control systems all in one. Professional installation and regular maintenance by Eagle security solutions will ensure that your business is always protected from destruction or insecure situations. Professional service can put your mind at ease since you don’t have to worry about making sure that all your systems are working properly.

Eagle security solutions can install and maintain all your commercial fire alarm needs. You have a lot to protect at your business like specialized equipment, sensitive information, files, and even personal belongings. These require constant protection from fire. Fire can strike suddenly. But if your business is equipped with excellent fire surveillance you can avoid significant damage. Eagle offers smoke detectors, heat detectors, fire alarm sounders, call points, and beam detectors. Also available is top of the line, brand name fire panels from trusted makers like Honeywell, C-Tec and Rafiki.

Commercial fire alarm systems require regular maintenance. All types of systems can fail if they are not cared for properly. Having fire alarms installed is great, but without keeping up their batteries and other components you are overlooking a necessary part of fire alarm systems. Smoke detectors batteries run out regularly, if these are not checked regularly, it is easy to forget about them. Some fire detection systems can be wired into a power supply so that the batteries only have to act as a backup. These must be carefully installed to avoid wiring mistakes that might cause the detectors to malfunction. All fire alarm systems should be installed by competent professionals like at Eagle security to ensure that the system will be there when you need it.

Installation of a commercial fire alarm system can be complicated and requires the professionally trained technicians to help you out. With the help of these technicians you can have a BS 5839 compliant system that will keep you in business. Eagle security solutions are qualified to install all types of fire detectors, or even CO2 detectors. In addition to great installation, you can also get 24/7 monitoring of your system. In the event of an emergency, the proper authorities will be contacted even if you are not home.

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