Door Entry Systems – Security at Entry Points

Both entry and exit in the home and the office can leave a huge gap in the security system. It is the place where security breaches could happen the most easily. In order to protect both those inside a building and outside a building, door entry systems can help to control who comes in the doors of your home or office. Systems can be either audio intercom type systems or video types where you can actually see who wants access. In a world where simply opening a door can prove dangerous, door entry control can make a big difference.

Both video and audio door entry systems can have only one or multiple call buttons or keypads. They can also be equipped with proximity detectors. Eagle offers you trusted names in security like BPT, ACT, Aiphone, Bitron, Comelit, and Videx. Eagle can also provide quality installation to ensure that you can have the security you want as soon as possible. Eagle pricing is competitive so you can afford to get a good system. NSI certification is available on every model as well as a full warranty. You don’t have to wait any longer to get the security you need at home or the office.

Audio door entry systems provide a two way verbal communication between the door and an internal handset. Most models have a door lock button that can be unlock the door from the handset. These provide security based on a voice recognition system. When you have identified who you are talking to, you can let them in. Or if you determine that you don’t need to grant access to an individual, you can turn them away without having to leave your desk. Many homes and offices find that this system is sufficient for their security needs.

Video door entry systems can provide an added level of security that audio systems cannot. Video systems work on a similar base as the audio devices but they add a video camera and viewing screen on one side only. The door unit has both video and audio identification options. On the other end are audio and a viewing screen so that you can see who you are talking to. Some systems also have lighting options for night viewing. Some viewing screens are just simple black and white, but others are colour. Video entry systems lend a bit more security since you can both see and hear the person requesting access.

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