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Having an alarm system is one thing. But having someone sitting at the switch checking out any alarm events is another thing entirely. When you are not at home or at your business, it is great to have someone on duty to make sure things are safe and secure. Even when you are at home or work, you can still benefit from professional security surveillance. Monitored alarm systems offer this service to you. For a minimal fee, you can have 24 hour surveillance of your premises along with the alarms you install. What good is an alarm system if no one is actually alerted to a situation?

Just because an alarm goes off, that doesn’t mean that anyone is going to do anything about it. With alarm monitoring systems, you can be assured that every alarm will be checked out, every time. We check every alarm that occurs day or night, during the week or on the weekend. We will alert the home owner each time there is an alarm. If there is an emergency like a fire or burglary, the police or appropriate emergency services will be contacted. Your smart idea to install alarms will be complete with the careful, dedicated, and personal surveillance.

Whether you already have an alarm system or need one installed. Our technicians can set you up to receive our monitored alarm systems services. There are several options for surveillance with our alarm systems. The traditional method is a digital communicator. This method has been in use with the security and emergency services industry for a long time. It works via single path phone line and is usually reliable, but can be affected by phone line problems. Another option is dual path BT Redcare. It is by far the most commonly used today. It is more reliable and functions continuously with open pathways for communication in both directions.

BT Redcare can be a bit costly. A good alternative for monitored alarm systems is Dualcom GPRS. It has the same dual path communication as well as radio communication options. This is a great backup if the phone lines are completely down. These are the most popular of choices for security, but you may also want to try one of the newer technology systems such as Webway or Emizon 21. An alarm system is great security for home or business, but adding 24/7 surveillance for your system takes security a step further.

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