Wireless Home Security – Benefits and Advantages

Alarm systems come in a variety of options, including both hard wired and wireless systems. A hard wired system requires wires to be run from each unit sensor to the main panel. A wireless system uses radio signals to communicate. These wireless home security systems are an effective and easy way to protect a home and provide security and peace of mind to the home owner. There are many advantages and benefits to using this wireless system in the home.

First, these systems require less time and money during installation. A wireless system can normally be installed within a few hours and does not have hard wired electrical requirements, which means no wire stripping or circuit testing. Another advantage to a wireless home security system is their long range. These systems can cover a greater area and go a much longer distance than a traditional hard wired system. This can be extremely useful for large properties. Multiple sensors can even be linked together as needed to cover an unlimited amount of space. In addition, these wireless systems can penetrate walls, furniture, fixtures and other items that might be in the way with a traditional hard wired system. This eliminates the need for an electrician to drill through drywall, concrete or other building materials during installation, which saves time and money. If the home owner ever decides to remove or replace the system, no evidence will be left behind.

A wireless alarm system will usually not require the use of electricity from the home for motion sensors and other components. Instead, they operate on battery power. These wireless systems include features that remind owners to test the system, check the batteries and replace them as needed. Traditional hard wired alarm systems do require electrical usage for daily operation and use battery power for backup, but there are many instances when the batteries fail due to age and home owners have not been notified. If the power goes out and the battery backup fails, a home would be left unprotected and susceptible to burglary.

Finally, a wireless home security system will often include the ability to notify the monitoring company and home owners through their cellular signals rather than a traditional phone line. These signals are an instant and effective way to contact the appropriate parties in the event of an emergency. A traditional, burglar alarm system requires the use of a home phone line, which can become a problem if the power goes out or the phone lines are cut by criminals.

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