Best Places to Conceal Indoor Security Cameras for Optimal Safety

Thief opening a window
As a home owner, you know how important it is to get things fixed fast. The “To Do” list is endless starting from the upkeep of the yard, repairs for electrical and plumbing issues, heater and AC tune-ups, etc. We do all this because our house is the most valuable possession. What we put in, we will get it all back in the end, so going to extreme lengths is worth it.

However, the most interesting thing is that in finding ways for maintaining our house to keep it in top condition, we often forget the most important thing – the one thing that ascertains that our house is protected against potential threats is home security systems. The 24/7 monitoring through an old fashioned CCTV system or the new smart burglar alarms and wireless alarm systems are now a must in every household. The best part about these systems is that you can get the home insurance premiums lowered.


So, now that you have finally decided to install a home security system, the next question that you should be asking yourself is, “Where should I install them?” Most people usually go for the laser focus cameras on the outside, near the main gate. News flash – that is not enough!


Think Beyond Windows and Doors

The two most obvious places where you will see cameras installed are at the back and front door. However, there are several other entry points that a burglar can use for access to your house. It’s time to think a little outside the box.


Eagle View

Ideally, you need to look for an area that provides a clear view of more than one place in the house. For example, two of your rooms might be joined together with a hallway leading out to the dining room. A corner in the dining room might give the perfect view of the hall and the entrance to the rooms’ door. This way, if someone does try to break in through the window, they will be caught on camera when they are found roaming around the house before breaking in.


Monitoring the First Floor Heavily

A surprising fact about home burglaries is that around 72% of burglars enter a house through doors and 26% through windows on the first floor. The vegetation and foliage gives them coverage to enter stealthily and from there, they make their way to the master bedroom. Apart from making sure that your doors and windows are locked or installing door entry systems, another home security measure you can take is install a wireless, internet connected alarm in your master bedroom.


Covering Important Areas

Apart from the master bedroom where most of your valuables are kept, there are other areas that also require monitoring such as the family room, which has the bigger items such as antiques, LCD screen, stereo system, paintings, etc. Then there’s the garage, for which the best monitoring system you can use is a CCTV system.


According to a report by The Office for National Statistics Crime Survey, burglars avoid homes that have visible security systems. Around 60% of people reported of no burglaries due to security systems. A great tip to keep your house safe from thefts and vandalism is to install the security system as high as possible, so that it cannot be reached even with a ladder. The best way to keep your house safe from burglars and other dangers is to install multiple security systems such as the traditional camera and wireless systems, carbon monoxide alarm, fire alarm and door entry systems. If you are looking for these security systems, visit Eagle Security Solutions. The website offers the latest and most advanced security systems in the market.

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