Secure Your Home And Business With BPT Door Entry Systems

Robberies and invasions are not limited to monetary loss. They can risk the lives of your employees and loved ones. They can also cause an irreparable loss to your reputation. Home and business owners across the country understand these dangers. However, they hesitate to invest in an effective security system. It is important to understand that security systems such as BPT Door Entry Systems can give you peace of mind, and help you focus on other aspects of your business and life.


Door entry systems serve three main purposes – identification, authentication and authorisation. Apart from protecting human life and property, they also help protect information, and offer you privacy. Many business owners have also reported improved productivity after the installation of a safe security system. Safe working and living conditions are crucial for the healthy growth and development of your loved ones. Before you choose a door entry system, understand your needs.


There are several types of entry systems. The audio door entry systems allow you to screen callers outside the building before they enter your premises. These systems are highly economical. They consist of two main components. The entry unit is made up of a door bell with a built-in speaker and microphone. It is installed near the entrance of the door. The telephone unit can be fixed inside the house at a convenient and accessible location. When the visitor presses the entry bell, the telephone handset will ring right away. You can use the handset to converse with the visitor before using the door release button to open the door.


You can opt for a video door entry system as well. These systems are similar to the audio entry systems. However, they also allow you the see the images of the caller. The doorbell consists of a built-in closed circuit television (CCTV) along with the speakers and microphones. The video entry is installed near the door. The video handset is installed at a convenient location. When you talk to the visitors with this system, you can also see their images and pictures at the same time before opening the door. If your home or business has more than one entrance, you can fix the video door entry system at each entry point in your building.


Multi-apartment door entry systems consist of several door panels that are fixed at the entry of each apartment door. The door opener is fixed to the common entrance of the apartment. When the visitors press the button that corresponds to the apartment they wish to visit, the telephone will ring and the residents of the apartment can have a two-way conversation before opening the door.


BPT security systems consist of audio and video door systems. They come with power supply unit and offer 2-wire technology system. The innovative and captivating design has made the BPT Door Entry Systems industry leaders in home and business security. The company has been in business for over 30 years and has created more than several award winning products.

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