Burglar Alarms – Types And Functionalities of Burglar Alarms

All over the world today, people are concerned about safety in their homes, in their places of work and also safety of their property. This is because there are numerous crimes and thefts that are committed on a daily basis in all parts of the globe. Such burglaries could happen to anyone and that is why good burglar alarms are recommended solutions and a great investment to prevent theft in the office or in the home. These alarms are electronic devices that are designed in a way that alerts the user of a certain danger. They are also referred to as intrusion or safety alarms. Many of them are made using sensors that are directly connected to the control unit. The wiring is usually of low voltage. A narrowband RF signal can also be used to interact with responsive devices. Most of the security sensors are designed to indicate opening of a window or door or even to detect movement through passive infrared.

These systems come in a variety of designs. Some are small and self contained while others are more complex systems that are multi-zoned. The main systems are home alarm systems and commercial systems. The home systems are meant for indoor use and for small businesses. They usually come with the passive infrared detectors. Since it is passive, the detector can function without having to radiate or generate its own energy. This makes it quite affordable and it is also able to offer reliable functionality. Other systems use ultrasonic detectors for transmission of inaudible ultrasonic sound waves. The transmitter emits ultrasonic signals around the area that is to be protected. Solid objects like surrounding walls, floors and ceiling reflect the sound waves before being detected by the receiver.

There are also systems that use microwave detectors. Such devices emit microwaves via a transmitter. They usually detect any reduction in the intensity of the beam or any reflected microwaves by use of a receiver. In such systems, the receiver and transmitter are normally together in a single housing for indoor devices and in separate housing for the outdoor devices. The kind of sensor that one installs usually determines the environmental changes that will trigger the alarm.

There are systems that detect when a person walks through a beam of light that is placed strategically. Others are able to sense any disturbances through radar reflection pattern or spikes in temperatures that are consistent with the heat of the human body. Heat and motion detectors therefore offer the user additional benefits and additional security. The burglar alarms that one installs depend on individual needs and budget. Alarms to suit all budgets are available. There are systems for the office, vehicles and even the home. They work round the clock ensuring that the user is protected against burglaries or any other type of intrusion. Those who are concerned about their own safety, the safety of their businesses or the safety of their homes would find such devices ideal.

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