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Wired Burglar Alarm Systems – Bells Only Alarms

Bells only alarm system is a basic audible only burglar alarm which is installed to make a home more secure. It can be hard-wired or wireless. A wired system has the advantage of reliability and fixed cable connection but is susceptible to cable damages. We provide a wide range of wired alarm systems including Honeywell, Texecom and Cooper Menvier.

Scantronic 9651 is a basic and cost effective alarm system providing eight hard-wired programmable zones and communication outputs. The control panel is powered by the mains with an integral 12v battery back-up. It is reliable with an easy to use keypad and ideal for residential or small business.

Honeywell Galaxy G2 concept is a hybrid solution that incorporates the best from wired and wireless alarm systems. The control panel, keypad and siren are hard-wired and the RF portal provides the flexibility for the detectors to be wireless.

We recommend a wired system where one or more of the following applies:

  • House or business premises under renovation where cables can be routed under floorboards or chased into walls during the construcion.
  • Property which has an existing wired alarm in need of an upgrade and the cables are in good reusable condition.
  • Shop, office or commercial unit where cable can be routed above suspended ceilings.
  • Large industrial unit or office complex where the range of wireless coverage may be inadequate or unreliable.
  • School or public establishent where wireless range provide inadequate coverage and cables can be routed in cable trays or trunkings.

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