A Closer Look at the Ability to View CCTV Feeds on Smartphones

Business and home owners that used a CCTV monitoring system to record what is going on often had difficulty viewing the video feeds. These people would have to either request the material from a security monitoring centre, go back and look at tapes or DVDs, or log into websites to view the material that was recorded. Thanks to modern technology people with CCTV monitoring systems can now view the video feeds with ease.

Many CCTV monitoring systems offer home and business owners the chance to use CCTV viewing on Smartphone apps. This will take a closer look at what this provides, how it can help business owners and why it is a good feature to consider using.

What is CCTV Viewing on Smartphone?

The ability to watch video feeds through a Smartphone app allows business or home owners to get instant access to the cameras around their property. All they have to do is log into their account and pull up the video feed. They will be able to watch almost live recordings of the cameras around their property. There is no need to have to be tied to a computer or have to wait for a security alert centre to send the video images over to you as you get instant access to the video feeds.

How Can This Feature Help Business or Home Owners?

When you choose to have the feature and ability to have the ability to implement CCTV viewing on Smartphone you can help home and business owners in a variety of ways. The biggest way is to avoid false alarms. False alarms can cost home owners and businesses lots of money in fines and even put them at risk of losing their police protection.

The ability to have a CCTV viewing on Smartphone app allows home and business owners to view what might be triggering the alarm and determine if it is a false alarm. This will help them avoid sending out police to an alarm that isn’t really an alarm.

Another benefit to installing this feature with the CCTV monitoring system is that it can lower insurance rates. Many insurance companies provide a discount to businesses or home owners that have this feature installed. The discount is applied because the home or business owner took the initiative to install the system themselves and keep their property and belongings safe.

Does it Take Anything Extra to Install This Feature?
Many business or home owners are reluctant to install this feature because they think there is a lot that needs to be installed with it. In reality not much needs to be installed with the CCTV security system to implement CCTV viewing on Smartphone. The only thing that a home or business owner needs to do is download an app on their Smartphone. This app gives them access to the CCTV feeds. There is no need to install anything extra to the system or pay extra. All of it works with the system and can be accessed with just a tap of a Smartphone app button.

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