Common CCTV Installation Pitfalls Businesses Encounter

Businesses often make the decision to install a CCTV security system on the premises to help avoid thefts from unwanted intruders. While the idea behind installing a CCTV security system might seem simple there can be several problems or pitfalls involved with installing this type of security system within a business.

The following takes a quick look at some of the CCTV installation pitfalls business owners encounter when installing this type of system. It will also provide ways that you and your business can avoid or prevent these types of problems from happening.

Avoiding a Feeling of Intrusion

One of the biggest CCTV installation pitfalls businesses encounter is the feeling that the business owner is starting to intrude on employees’ privacy. However, that is often not the case. A CCTV security monitoring system is usually put in place to protect the business against theft. There are several things a business owner can do to prevent this type of feeling amongst employees.

The first thing a business owner can do is be open and up-front in regards to why the CCTV security monitoring system is being installed. If the reason is theft, say it to the employees. If it is to monitor against property damage after hours explain that to the employees. This up-front explanation will eliminate the feeling that the employer is trying to ‘spy’ on its employees.

Avoiding Employee Confusion and Major CCTV Installation Pitfalls

A CCTV security system can be easy to use, but only if the employees are aware of how to use it. It is important to properly train all employees in how to operate and use the recently installed CCTV security system. This training will allow employers to avoid any confusion their employees feel when using the system.

Many CCTV security installation companies offer training courses for the employees with the installation of the system. This training course will explain how the system works, why it is installed and walk the employees through how to use the system. It takes just a few moments of the employees’ time and can save valuable time while avoiding some of the most common CCTV installation pitfalls.

Installing the Cameras in the Proper Area

Another common CCTV installation pitfall is one that is encountered by employers who wish to install their systems themselves. Many employers who install the system themselves will notice that the camera is placed in an area that doesn’t really monitor the comings and goings of the business.

These cameras that are installed wrong will not only be a waste of resources but can cost business lots of money. Employers should consider hiring a company that is properly trained in installation of the CCTV monitoring system to avoid some of the CCTV installation pitfalls. They will work closely with the employer to make sure the cameras are monitoring the areas that need to be monitored and that the alert system works properly. All of these are vital to installing a CCTV monitoring system that not only works but does what the employer needs it to do to protect the property and items inside.

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