All About Comelit Video Entry Systems

Video door entry systems allow you to check the images of the visitors and communicate with them before opening the door of your home or business for them. The security system has been used extensively in homes, apartment buildings, businesses and offices across the country. When a visitor rings the bell, you can check the receiver that is installed at a convenient location in your premises. You will notice the image of the person on the LCD monitor. You can also talk to the person and know him well before pressing the door release button that will open the entry door. You will be in complete control and can decide who enters your premises without worrying about intruders and miscreants.

Whether you are looking to protect your young children and loved ones or employees and sensitive documents, a video door entry system may be worth every penny you spend on it. The systems are easy to install and use. Your security system provider will have experts and technicians to do the initial set up for you. The Comelit Video Entry Systems are one of the most popular brands in the country.

Each video entry system consists of two units. The units consist of a microphone, a speaker and a receiving device. The outdoor unit also comes with a camera and is fixed at the entry. The indoor unit with speakers and microphone is fixed at a convenient location within your home or business. The Comelit iPower Entry system is a slim and attractive panel with blue back lighting. The colour monitor is black or white with a sleek and cool design. It has a 3.5 inch high definition display. The versatile unit comes with audio, door lock release, auto switch-on, privacy, call switch board, Actuator, Navigation and Menu buttons. The expert who comes to install the system can explain everything. It is very easy to use and operate.

The Comelit Video Entry System operates on the power it receives from the power supply unit. The system also comes with a backup battery power. There are four simple wires that can be fixed with ease. You do not have to make any structural changes in your building to accommodate this system.

The Comelit Video Entry System is manufactured by Comelit, an industry leader in innovative security solutions. The company has established a reputation of producing security solutions that are cost effective and reliable. They have millions of satisfied customers across the country.

You should, however, choose the right provider to install your Comelit Video Door Entry System. Make sure the provider has been certified by the NSI. Your provider should come with a complete work order. The technicians should explain everything clearly before and after installing the system. They should complete the job to your satisfaction. Once the system is installed correctly, it will work well for many years without any issues. A little maintenance every year can help prolong the life of the system.

The Comelit Video Door Entry System has been designed to offer you peace of mind. Do it the right way for maximum benefits.

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